• SUVORKIN posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    What do yoy think?
    Should Tolbuzov leave enough space?

    • 1. I was ahead of you.
      2. In this place, you can not drive two cars without cutting the turn
      3. You deliberately knocked me out in the second contact.

    • I think Suvorkin should’ve waited for his move. Tolbuzov was ahead, plus you simply can’t put two cars into that section.

    • Well it doesnt look pretty whatever speed i watch this incident in but here goes my point of view:

      I am of a similar opinion that a move after that initial corner will end in tears most of the time however blame doesn’t fall squarely on one person as both drivers are at fault for different reasons at different points.

      So the attempted move into the left hander after the DRS straight Suvorkin makes unnecessary contact by turning the wheel too much car on the inside is under control and is not understeering and is maintaining the racing line at that point. (i personally dont have an issue with this because no damage has been caused by this)
      phase 2 of the attempted overtake the closing wedge at the right hand apex is appearing now the question is does Suvorkin have right to any space? I believe the answer to this personally is yes as the definition of space to be given is quoted as alongside front wing to sidepod which can be seen at 1:42
      then we have the final phase of the incident where both drivers are at fault for the overall incident. Tolbuzov has not left the space he perhaps should have or is not aware of should be giving and turns for the corner with a car along side him causing him to spin out across the front of Suvorkin.
      Suvorkin as the overtaking car does have to take due care with overtaking attempts as the overtaking car is generally the one blame is apportioned to when moves go wrong as they are generally the initiators of a situation and sometimes you have to know when to bail to avoid causing a collision and this works the same for the defending car as well.

      Personally i would have attempted the overtake in a similar manner as Suvorkin did but i would be prepared to bail out at 1:40 by cutting the chicane to the right and give up any gained time and appeal the penalty / warning given for doing so as you can visibly see you have no choice or be part of the cause for a crash.
      In Tolbuzov’s position i would be aware of a car in very close proximity on my right and would seriously consider cutting the corner on the left and appealing that penalty / warning.

      Overall in balance i believe there is more blame on Suvorkin’s part than there is Tolbuzovs part due to the simple statement in rules 1.1.1 and 1.1.3 and in Tolbuzovs case 1.3.2 as eluded to in my previous analysis.

      As always all decisions are out of my hands and my views are impartial regardless of the drivers involved.