Interview with WSR Rick

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Hello everyone, tonight i make interview with one guy – which won Russian GP, and he’s be race in Seria B at least as freelancer. He told me about makes interview – well…. Let’s meet WSR Rick which i looked for him from july. And finally debut in RIOL.

WSR Rick: Hello everyone 🙂 I am WSR Rick, I am a 17 year old guy from the Netherlands. I’m following racing since 2007, when my father and me started watching Formula 1 races. In 2015 i started with sim-racing, Now I’m here 3 years later with a lot of sim racing experience and i hope to use that in this league 🙂

– Yeah, I though you’ll be in seria A but you don’t have time for races there

WSR Rick: Yeah, that’s true. I hang out with friends on Saturday, if this wasn’t the case i would’ve been in Seria A. But Seria B is also a lot of fun for me, racing with my friend Xanarchy 🙂

– And you like drive with duca rosso in last race.

WSR Rick: Yes i do 🙂 I actually know him since this Sunday, he beated me on pole, but i got him in the race. He has got some great pace and racecraft. And i am looking forward to race with him in the future!

-But I saw how you collide with him, he complain about this

WSR Rick: Yeah we did, i actually tried to get him into T4, but i ran a bit too deep and i damaged his wing. It wasn’t a major collision but it was unfortunate because he couldnt catch me up later. We’ve spoken about it and i’m sure it won’t happen in the future!

– Ok man. But i need to talk about you.                You’re not first driver from Nederlands which drive in RIOL.
Was few guys from Nederlands, one of these guys i know is Rome Steven. And i would like to return him in Seria A…But i’m afraid it won’t happend

WSR Rick: Ah! I actually didn’t know about dutchies in RIOL! I think The Netherlands  has a big sim-racing community. Day in and day out there are coming more guys into it, especially now when Max Verstappen is racing in Formula 1, it’s just so more interesting for all of us 🙂

– Yeah i remember about 2007 before verstappen debut – I remember was dutch guy Christian Albers and i remember that Nederlands wasn’t have strong driver. Did you remember that season?

WSR Rick: Yeah I did! it was of course my first season i watched. everything was new for me, but i actually picked up everything very fast! Like i said, i think The Netherlands has probably grown the most in the past few years if you speak about racing in general.

– Before verstappen debut in F1 for which guy you force?

WSR Rick: I actually liked both Vettel and Hamilton. I prefer Hamilton though, his pace and just the things he is showing impresses me time by time and that’s why I supported him.

– I know one guy – which he top for hamilton but hate verstappen. It’s Jackyyy from mercedes

WSR Rick: Ah 🙂 Well there are different opinions about different drivers of course, but the thing that i like about Verstappen is his aggressive overtakes, just how he does it and how he prepares it. Of course it can sometimes go wrong but when it does go right its very nice to spectate 🙂

-I understand we have something like that in Russia. When I start watch F1 from 2006, i remember that russians force for schumacher, alonso, raikkonen. After Vitaly Petrov debut we start force for russians too… But we not strong guys like verstappen, we need wait 10 years when someone won title from Russia, maybe robert swartzman for sure..

WSR Rick: Yeah! I believe Russia has some great talents though, for example Markelov, Sirotkin, Kvyat. They have great talent so you never know what happens in the future!

-Yeah, thanks for tell these things. But Personally – I don’t think that kvyat returning is good idea…

WSR Rick: I think it is, he has cooled down at Ferrari and i think he’s ready for this chance. Time will tell
– Ok man, I have a little question do you know about dutch guys which they fight in F1? Before max Verstappen?

WSR Rick: You mean dutch F1 drivers?
– Yes.

WSR Rick: Yeah I know a couple: Jos Verstappen, Van der Garde.. they were good but i think they didn’t really earn what they should’ve earned. Max is the only one who did really break through and you can see where he is now 🙂

– Christian Albers? I remember he was DTM champion

WSR Rick: Yes i do! yeah he had a career in DTM. Not sure if he was in Formula 1.
– Was in 2005-2007

WSR Rick: Ah! yeah that’s true…

–  I see that you from WSR, you can tell about this league.

WSR Rick: Yeah so, WSR is my own league, we’ve a couple of quick drivers and a couple of new guys. I actually enjoy driving in my own league a lot 🙂

-And Xanarchy drive there

WSR Rick: Yep! He’s my teammate at Ferrari and we’re going well in the Constructors 🙂

– Is there chance that someone after you and xanarchy will join us?

WSR Rick: It might be, I’ve a couple of friends, Xanarchy is my best friend but i think there are a couple of friends interested 🙂

– Your league run without assits?

WSR Rick: We’ve a couple of drivers who use assists, and a couple of drivers who don’t. We leave the desciscion by them to choose if they want to drive with assists.

– Ok but if something – we need guys in Seria A))) Ok man can i ask you, which track is your favorite?

WSR Rick: My Favourite track.. For general racing its Spa or Monza i think, but for driving its Monaco or Singapore.
– What you can say about F1 old or modern?

WSR Rick: I love the Modern cars, how they look etc. but the engines… I love V10 Sounds, just the sound makes a lot of difference and i hope they’ll atleast bring back V8’s in the future!
– Which decades in F1 you’d like race?
WSR Rick: I like to race the early 2000s, 2010 to 2013 and the modern era. I just dont like the old cars, maybe because i wasn’t born at the time 😀
-How you feel about baku?

WSR Rick: It think it’s a great track, good for overtaking, and really close with the barriers!
–  Next race will be there

WSR Rick: Yep 😉

– Ok man, I think we finish this interview here. I very hope that you got more join in Seria B.
Welcome in RIOL, See you in Baku.

WSR Rick: See you in baku 😀

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