Nik meets Suzuki

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(Interview was written in 27 july, before Hungarian GP)
I welcome everyone who reads the new interview on our RIOL website. Briefly I want to emphasize that after the German GP, there will be another important announcement… In the meantime, we continue the series of interviews for our championship. And today, our guest, personally let me know that he is going to return to our championship, namely in series B. this person went earlier at us in the 5th season, but the last two seasons he was absent…. And yet, he announced his return to RIOL…. We have a close friend of our “Jenson Button” Raspus, his close friend from childhood – Suzuki.. Can I call you by your real name?
SuzukiTM: Like, Hello!
– Well tell us how life is, after two seasons of absence you decided to return…. Why did you suspend your career?
SuzukiTM: Life is in full swing!!Engaged in the move, decided to take a short break with the formula, to gather strength to return to the new season to hold it with dignity, changed the management moved to the steering wheel, now preparing for the new season and the new formula. The truth training is held at 16 the formula until you get used to the steering wheel. The next practice is tomorrow at 11:00. I really hope to get into the same team with Raspus and show a decent performance.
– I’m right about what you Raspus his longtime friend?
SuzukiTM: Yes, we are very familiar. A lot of races have passed by 100%, competition is always present )
– Have you already bought F1 2018?
SuzukiTM: Yes, I have already designed before. order. Codecs are very pleasing. True, they never did co-op for 2 in his career but I hope they’re coming soon. But working with online racing they are very happy
– Look, I’m going to ask such a popular question. The thing is that recently we had the world Cup in our country, did you follow him?
SuzukiTM: Yes, of course, soaked in this holiday, the whole atmosphere. Our players were pleased. If you admit I have long been so ardent did not watch football. Because I didn’t believe in our football))
Even in the fan zone visited.
– Are you happy with the world Cup?
SuzukiTM: Yes. Everything was at the highest level, my personal opinion. To the surprise of all quietly peacefully. The world Cup was very cool, many countries were surprised and showed the class. Even saw a picture of how the Egyptians supported us in the 1/4
Okay, I understand…. I’ll move on to the next question: how long have you been watching F1?
SuzukiTM: Oooh love to formula I have years with 15 if not to lie to, one of favorite drivers was – baricello. And Montoya including
– So you’ve been watching F1 for 15 years?
SuzukiTM: Yes, I remember the famous race when there was one of Schumacher’s departures and he lost to Alons because of engine problems
– It was GP of Japan 2006…
SuzukiTM: Exactly)
– That is, it turns out we started watching F1 in 2006 in one year?
SuzukiTM: Fully Yes, but I started to watch since 2003. Instilled a love of formula I stepfather. I started playing formula in 2005, then I felt the taste of a full race.
With PSP (Playstation Portable)?
SuzukiTM: Yes
– And how do you feel about the statement that barricello is the second number, and with such abusive statements in his address?
SuzukiTM: I don’t think barricello was number two, as he showed a lot of great races, but because of the terms of the contract at that time in Ferrari, the driver who had less chance of winning the title should help the one who has more chances. Exactly the same deal with Michael was. So I don’t consider it the second number, it’s just that there were rules inside the teams.
– Has formula 1 changed a lot for you?
SuzukiTM: Very, in a good way, many dreamed about added unique: it is a Pity the FIA removed the refueling) well it was fun tactics….
Now for me the new stage is the conquest of the formulas a wheel is a replica of the F1, tried to play on didn’t come…
– Do you plan to get rid of help in the future?
SuzukiTM: I Have only the control gas from the other AIDS I have on the keyboard got rid of. I’m trying the cockpit now..
– This is an a-series application.
SuzukiTM: now the mood for series B is to see what the results are – and what F1 2018 will bring.
– How do you feel about Halo?
SuzukiTM: To the innovation are positive, as is additional protection for riders. The rules have changed over the years something is made, something is removed. Yes, in the game in 2D mode, we may feel uncomfortable, but kodaki went to a meeting and added the ability to disable this feature. Since I’m learning to fly from Kok pita it will not hurt me, and for those who use the next camera after Kok pita, it will be a little problematic because it closes the review a little, but I think many will get used to and discontent will go away. Again, these innovations have led to changes in the structure of the car and again, new tactics the new behavior of the machine, which in principle I think you need to F1 each year, it was all new.
– Did you compare formula 1 of the past and current formula 1?
SuzukiTM: 17 I did not go, but a lot of emotion heard from Raspus. I follow the rollers on 18 formula and a lot of changes in the positive side, the formula 17 did not try not to start to get used to the management, I want to immediately start to study the behavior of the machine from the exit 18.
– No, I mean, formula 1 records from the last 70’s, 80’s, 90’s…
SuzukiTM: cars used to be faster, but if you notice the trend of time growth riders. Then compared to previous years, my opinion formula is gaining its momentum again in speed. Cars have become faster and more manageable, innovation with DRS is so generally an interesting solution.
The main thing is not to come to the unmanned vehicles) and it will be funny when the riders sit as we are at computers and control cars.
– In short, are you satisfied with the current formula 1?
SuzukiTM: Each formula is especially good. I can’t say that this year was better. Because I don’t like monotony. At the same time everyone was tired of that always wins Schumacher or after Vettel.
In short, I’m fine with it.
– And you for whom now you support in formula 1?
SuzukiTM: To Lewis Hamilton
That’s it?
SuzukiTM:more so Yes, as it shows excellent races to take even the last Grand Prix from 14th place to 1st. Ah love stability Raikkonen always 3-4 place)
Sirotkin is not lucky, Williams unfortunately this season outsiders, but I hope he will notice and take the team better.
– What can you tell about the current season in formula 1?
SuzukiTM: This season for me personally, it’s “show” racers for the future formula. Such as lecler, Magnussen began to show good results, Hulkenberg finally began to climb into a good points zone. At the moment, it is not clear who will be the champion. Because of the innovations a lot of unexpected breakdowns gatherings, it is very interesting to watch it.
I would like to change the composition of tires, as it is very close to each other this year, which eliminates the difference between strategies
We are waiting for 2021 there are expected interesting changes in aerodynamics
– I hear you. What do you expect from the following season in F1 in 2018?
SuzukiTM: I expect good stable races From the new season. Very interesting people this year show up and who will have to compete. I think this season will be a lot of interesting races and exciting. Finally get to conquer Monaco. We will try new tactics and settings. Preparation will start with the release of F1 2018. At the moment, Raspus is the favorite in Our team. But everything can change during the season.
And of course I hope for a stable good online guys. So it was more possible to compete, and clean driving from all.
– Well until you have is called your team. What about the car, did you decide?
SuzukiTM: Currently sympathizes with Sauber, really like their focus on the aerodynamic concept, plus they perform with the engine from Ferrari and show good performance. No wonder Leclerc shows good performance on it.
While of course it is not known how it will be implemented in the game, with the release of 2018 formula will be clear.
– The decision will be made, I understand only with the release of F1 2018?
SuzukiTM: Yes
– Well, the next GP will be held in Hungary and then a break until the end of August, do you think who will Win the GP?
SuzukiTM: Well, of course since I am a fan of Hamilton I would say that he is, but I think Vettel will give battle.
– But you understand that Hungary is the”Second Monaco”.. Maybe.
SuzukiTM: of course, we’ll see.
– Well, thank you Ilya, for this interview, I’m waiting for you at the start in September.
SuzukiTM: Thank you for bringing me back to the championship and for organizing such a great League. See you next season.

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