Important Annoucement

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Hi everyone.

About 2 weeks have passed since the last post. I DIDN’t quit the championship. It’s just, there’s been a big change in my life. And now, I’ve become a little less focused on racing. But nevertheless the next season will take place, and this is a fact. However, there are a few things that I would like to announce.

1. I have decided not to hold this year, summer tournament as I planned earlier. There are several reasons, and they are connected with the world Cup And changes in my personal life. Of course I thought to hold a small mini-tournament of 5 races, but even this time is not enough. Therefore officially Summer Tournament is cancelled.

2. Royal Race Rumble-rescheduled for August 11, 2018. I will make an announcement next week, with a place where you can leave a request.

3. A series of my Interviews with the championship pilots is coming to an end, I have 3 interviews left in my plans. One of them will be published on our website.

Now to the changes in the Championship.

1. In order to improve the management of our championship, and due to the fact that because of my new job, I will not be able to devote much time to the races as before. I am entering a position in my championship, Managing among the pilots. This position will be used-in Series A and B. the Manager must, correctly create a host and accept complaints from the pilots, as well as monitor the situation in the championship.

IMPORTANT: I have decided, in order to kill time before the F1 in 2018 to conduct the election for the position manager so in Serie A, as well as in Series B. the Voting will take place on the Incentive, a week before the start of the new season. Yet permitted to campaign, to participate in the elections for the post of Manager of Serie A, and Manager in a series of B – is open to everyone (Preferably to someone from the pilots of the Championship).


2. Last season, I did not like the refusal of several pilots to participate in the Grand Prix for the reason that they do not like this track. Now, this will be strict. The pilot who does not like this track will be fined 3 penalty points for violation of the rules, and in the race where he did not participate (without good reason), he will be recognized as Disqualified.

3. If the pilot is not informed me about what will not be in the race more than 3 times. Then this pilot will not be allowed to participate in the championship.

4. Chat in the New version of Steam, as well as Discord will be required.


About the change in the composition of the pilots. Will be announced later. Stay tuned for further news on our website.

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