Nik meets New Guy in RIOL. Interview with annoucement.

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Hi, everyone, I return with new interview.  And I have good news for all championship.. This interview with announcement and I would like to introduce you new driver in RIOL – Xanarchy or i can call him in his real name isn’t?
Xanarchy: Call me Enrico or Heinrich ahah
– Well, I would like to say i was little surprised that you told me about joining in RIOL, can i quest you how you learn about our championship and do you have experience in online races?
Xanarchy: I have a long career with F1, since 2010 to be honestly. I learn every day from anyone, I think that we improve day by day.
– So you raced in few leagues?
Xanarchy: Nope, I raced in 6 different championship, since F1 2016.
– Which, can you remember?
Xanarchy: Ehm, 2S League, F1 Renovator, D4F, Formula Racer. The most challenging for me was 2S League, with ReVo at his top was very difficult for me win the championship, but is an old story.
Now I wanna write the history in RIOL!
– Ok, How about F1 Renovator?
Xanarchy: I have just good remember of F1 Renovator, an amatorial league with some friends, I won 2 of 4 championships!
– hm, you have only good memories
Xanarchy: Yeah, was a funny league. We talk about 2 years ago!
–  Alright mate. I have next very good question,  how much you watch real F1 races, and which guys you like?
Xanarchy: Ahahaha I like this question!  Every time…My life is full of F1. It flows inside my veins.
I like personally Sebastian, not for Ferrari, but for his reliability.
– So you watch F1 since you born?))
Xanarchy: Honestly? Yes (laugh) My father took me to my first GP when I was  1 year old (Laugh)
–  How old are you?
Xanarchy: 18 in October!
– Ok…Born for F1 guy))))) What you can tell about F1?
Xanarchy: It’s an art.  I do not understand how some people can’t bear it
–  I mean…. Current F1 –  Some people watch from 80’s. For Example – Mark from Italy too watch from 1979.
Xanarchy: I watch F1 from 2004, I love the actually F1. The hybrid engines, The drivers….But the Schumi era was legendary
–  It’s truth 100%… How about italians in F1: Fischella, Trulli?
Xanarchy: losers
– Why?
Xanarchy: Have they won a championship?
–  No
Xanarchy: You answered! (Laugh)
–  Ok you got me. But you think Italians can return in F1?
Xanarchy: I don’t know, drivers like Ascari or Farina can’t return….Giovinazzi is a great driver, but he can’t drive now…
–  Antonio could return?
Xanarchy: Yeah, 1 or 2 years later.  I will see a day Antonio and Charles drive for Ferrari 😀
– For you and Leclerc your guy?
Xanarchy: Yeah,  I love Leclerс. Is very fast and stable. Better than Max.
– How you think, for F1 Halo is bad or good?
Xanarchy: Very good! The security is all. With the halo Jules it would still be here among us
–  It’s your personal opinion?
Xanarchy: It’s the truth.
– Ok. What you can say about Current Season in F1?
Xanarchy: I love this season,  4-3-3 wins from Red bull Mercedes and Ferrari. This is war!
–  And you think all decide in Abu Dhabi?
Xanarchy: I hope!
–  Ok, and one more question:  Esports your opinion
Xanarchy: Interesting, I will join later… Is very difficult but I will try soon!
– it’s your dream?
Xanarchy: Yeah
–  Ok and last question: what are you wait from next season in RIOL?
Xanarchy: Having fun and give the show.
– It would be I promise that. Ok man, I quested all questions. Thanks for interview and welcome in RIOL:-)
N. Kolesov: See you in next season
Xanarchy: See you 😀

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