Nik meets F1 Kimi

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Hello everyone, after a long break associated with the World Cup, I return to a series of interviews… And I want to say that in a couple of weeks, after the end of the world Cup, I will make a few important statements…. But so far I decided to continue the series of interviews. And this time the interview will be with the pilot Series A, and he is Russian…
I confess that our arrival in our open Russian championship is a rarity, and yet it has established itself as a stable pilot.. Today we have a guest – Valery Kirichenko, aka F1 Kimi..
F1 KIMI: hi
– Valery, well basically I want to ask you a simple question about last season. To be honest, you drove very slowly-although you fought as best you could.. How would you rate your season?
F1 KIMI: Yes, I was the last, and was circular, but I had no experience in such a championship. I am glad that I was able to finish in many races, especially in such races as Baku, when the weather me 3 or 4 times per race, and many came down, and I was able to finish. for the debut, I think the result is good.
– Has F1 2017 become a difficult game for you?
F1 KIMI: not at all, but the differences from last 2016 are huge.
– What would be your best game F1 from kodmasters?
F1 KIMI: 2017
OK, Valery… Then let’s move on to the next question, I know that you are rooting for McLaren, and originally from Krasnodar. Can you tell me how much formula 1 you’re looking at? Since the late ‘ 90s?
F1 KIMI: Started in 1999, rooting for McLaren, for Hakkinen, he fought with Michael – very worthy.
– Well, to retell what happened in 1999 is not necessary, especially since many say it was a good season….
Can I ask Valery what team McLaren do you think is the best and what time would you like to come back?
F1 KIMI: to be honest, for me the best pair of McLaren: Alonso – Hamilton 2007
– But you don’t think that year was controversial?
F1 KIMI: Yes, but the top level pilots showed
– And the spy scandal at McLaren?
F1 KIMI: Yes, formula 1 can’t live without it.
– I’d like to hear your opinion….
F1 KIMI: I’m positive about the spy, I’m sure that it is present now, just can not catch the hand
– Well, I mean, it hurt McLaren… And extreme made Alonso
F1 KIMI:I think this is a lesson for everyone. Well, Alonso is especially unlucky
– He’s been unlucky for years… Especially at his second coming to McLaren.
F1 KIMI: this is karma)
– )))))
F1 KIMI: ))))
– But seriously, what can you say about the current state of Affairs in McLaren?
F1 KIMI: I think this crisis of the year for 2 – 3 stretched
– And was it worth McLaren, lay off of Eric boullier?
F1 KIMI: They had to find the culprit and to whom all write off there without behind-the-scenes games was not.
– And how you would rate the work of Eric bouillet, for the 4 years that he has been with McLaren?
F1 KIMI: 5)
– What’s better than Ron Dennis?
F1 KIMI: Ron is a different era, with conservative views on the formula, here to compare Boule with Dennis does not work.
– May, much favorable time in the McLaren was the Board Ron?
F1 KIMI: about Ron, this is history. That says it.
– A couple more questions.
F1 KIMI: Okay, ask
– How do you feel about Halo?
F1 KIMI: a Difficult question, just a risk in formula 1 should always be, Halo prevents this..
– If you had the chance, would you remove Halo?
F1 KIMI: Yes, and would do instead of 1.6 liters, 2 liters and two turbines
N. Kolesov: I know what you mean…. Please tell me, here you have the 20 (anniversary) season in formula 1…. Are the races much changed, or is everything as it was before?
F1 KIMI: Honestly, I don’t know the answer to this question…..
N. Kolesov: Well, let’s leave this question unanswered
N. Kolesov: Last question: How do you estimate the F1 2018 season?
F1 KIMI: the intrigue is that the main
N. Kolesov: OK, I understand you. That’s all we have, thanks for your time. See you in September for the new F1 2018 season.
F1 KIMI: see you soon

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