Nik meets Zvonimir Burek

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Interview has been wroted in Friday.
– Hi everyone, tonight i would like to introduce in seria of interview one good guy. He’s croatian – and he help very much for seria B in last season, he can drive fast – but in few times he have failures, but this did not stop him. In last season he call his friends: Teamiversen, Weed and etc. With this guy friendly even AOR drivers. I would like introduce you – Zvonimir Burek….
RSLF1 | zvonimir: I am 38 years old, live in small town near capital city Zagreb, i am huge fan of Formula 1 for long time….. What else to say for start? I’m always looking for fast and fair drivers, to gain some friendships and i muat say that i only have excellent expirences with other drivers.
– Yes, 38 year old? I though you younger…
RSLF1 | zvonimir: (laugh), That says almost all, who does know my ages… look pretty young :-). Don’t know my ages.
I have older brother Nino, also driving, and he is very important for my love to formula 1.
I was started watching beside him, his favorite driver at beginng was Senna, and i choose Prost, so that was rivaly.
As they have on track, we have also in supporting them…. one of my first memories and unorgetablle was they races ta Suzuka in 1989 and 1990, last race of season, when chapmionship was deciding.
– OK, Understood.
RSLF1 | zvonimir: And from these days, a always support McLaren, so it was hard to see they strugling last seasson, and seasson before, and before….
This years start at Melbourne Park and Alonso 5th place give some hope, that things coulkd go better, but it’s seem irt could be a long way to the top again. But at least some progress is seen and Vandornne  show’s some talent.
– First in begining – I would like congrantilions you with winning Croatia’s Football Team against Argentina. Second – let’s take it in order, what you said.
RSLF1 | zvonimir: (Laugh), thanks…Here in Croatia, Footbal is sport no.1 by far… As for motorport, we have no drivers competing at highest level, we have some good drivers: rally, motocross, and bikes are in front.
– Ok, I’ll ask about croatian drivers later.
First question – You mention your brother, which he’s meet you with F1. And you mention about Prost – Senna Battle. How much years you watch F1, since 1988?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: From that time i was following every season, not every race of course 🙂
– So i was right – you start watch in 1988?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Yeah, i was then 9-10 years old.
Also: I have read some other interviews on webpage, and i like the idea, to better know each other drivers….unfortunatily i was not driving from begging of season. For next season i can say that i would like to continue driving Seria B, and hope that there will be free place for Nino too 🙂
– You not only who watch F1 very long – I have in Seria A one Italian guy – who watch F1 from 1979 – Mark. You can read interview in our website…. Do you ride with your brother in another championships?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: We have raced together in French league (RSL – league C), my best result was at the start in Austrila 2nd place, i have one 4, but also couple of races where things have gone wrong way.
At the start of races there were some incidents, but beside that it was great gainig expirence with league system and driving alsongside good drivers.
Here in RIOL just few races, i will be more motivated for next seasson when starting from begging, some drivers i allready know from other leage that we drive in f1 2016 too.
– Ok, understood. You told that your favorite team is Mclaren. Are you think about driving in Mclaren in next season?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: I like the sound of that idea 🙂 Of course, it would be a pleassure to drive for one of most famous and oldest teams in history of F1 sport.
– Well we’ll see how it be… But all ideas about Roster in Seria B will be only in Agust.
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Ok, we will see, but if there will be no place at McLaren, then wish be to drive in same team with Nino – Croatian team.
– There’s is Second question – Your brother is good competed in F1, too?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Yes – we are close in capabilites…. how to say….it is always close battle between us: like Michael and Ralf 🙂
– Alright – Well i would like ask about your passion with F1. For last 30 years – F1 is chaging. What is your Opinion about F1 after 30 years.
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Well it is now harder then ever for some other drivers to take podium… i don’t like the big difference between Ferrari, Mercredes and Red Bull beeing so much in front of rest of teams.
I think before where races more closer, if would be Alonso in some of those 3 teams he will be battling for championship, or at the other end for example put Hamilton in Williams, Sauber… he will be struggling. But i like that there is lot of very young drivers, now come to F1 much earler the before: Stroll, Leclerc, Max, Gasly… etc.
– And Sirotkin….
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Yeas of corse, he have problems to drive in Williams. Another great team from history, now going troubles, this is biggest crysis of results…
– Agree, it’s sadly to watch this in Willams….
RSLF1 | zvonimir: There is talk about changes in f1 yeah, i think that all of fans of the sport would like to see more competitve teams, now you can have biggest talent, but if you are in weak car, you can’t do nothing specal. Maybe i there is some crashes, safet car, or wether changes,,, that will be your onlky chaces to grab something from race.
– Completly agree….
RSLF1 | zvonimir: And the talks of Silverstone not be any more in calendar, i can’t even imagine this.
I also would like to see return of Imola and Hockenheim – it’s part of history.
– For you Europian Races is important? And also you cheer returning French GP after 10 year absence?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Yeah, i can agree that that i am not big fan of new non-europan tracks.
And yeah, it is too long time without french GP, some places have, how to say some “spirit”, and other will never have it.
I love the Baku race, because it have producet some memorably events in just coupls of races held there –  the mix of Monza and Monaco. Some races are just for econimc reasons, to edpand the f1 to other continets – and at the other some classic european tracks may leave, to give space for those tracks.
Honestly i dont like that, It’s ok to have some tracks outside europe. But not too much 🙂
Suzuka, Interlagos, even Melbourne are legendary, etc…
– Ok. Next question – I would like to talk about Safety and Liberty media… How you fell about these “upgrades”, for F1?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Safety of drivers is out of question, it must be at highest level. In those 30 years of my following F1, i remmember lot of horribly momments. Fortunatly, now cars are much sayfter then before. Many time in past, we wanted never again that these incidents, injuries never happen again.
I am allready agree to Halo idea. At first the cars looked “weird”, but now i am ok with that, we have seen to much tragic events in the past….some pictures of that stays in head forever…… this is sadly…
– I’m sorry that ask this question….But, I know you had War in Croatia (Formely Yugoslavia)…. How you survive this?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: No problem, thats realite. We can bring time back, but we can look for future….
I was then 10-14 yeras old when war was happening, i have been lucky to live in part of Croatia, the only of few parts where war was not…
Here in south-west part of country, and in Istria, so we have refugees, from other parts coming to safety here. We have been lucky to stay out of real troubles of war…
– Lucky with that…. Do you remember San Marino 1994?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: 1 may 1994, and on practice at friday it in……
– You watch all weekend?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Yes, i saw this: on Saturday dies Roland Ratzenberger….
I remember that i was in schock wath happend to him, i can’t even think that something will happen next day. I was watching that race with Nino – that was something, i dont know the right word….
Just shocking……when Senna crshed it looks very very bad, but we did not know what will be with him…. Later that day comes the news that he died….Senna was idol of Nino, so sad, i dont have word.
You look and just cant beleive it can be true, whole that weekend, strating with Ratzenberger.
There was interview with Senna after incdent on Saturday, and next day he dies…..
Just umbelivable – all drivers where in schock after first incident.
I’m very well remember that weekend….
– I also remember that Ratzenberg told – Worst place when you can die, it’s war in Yugoslavia. He believed that races are safety, and he told this 2 days before he killed.
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Just unbeliveable, from that times, much is done on security of drivers – thankfully.
– But not for Jules Bianchi….
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Every times that something like this happend, streesed whole world, just at the begging of carrer, life: young man dies, just horrobly….. that was only his 2nd season in f1.
– After this – You start support Halo idea, but personally Halo wouldn’t save Jules….
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Yeah, unfortunatly don’t – but i some other cases it could be very imoportant for safety of drivers head. As i say, the safety is important, and should alway look to improved, many time we say that can’s happen again, but sometimes eved does, again happen.
If you understand me? I have never learning english, but german in school, thankfully to tv, computer i learned english 🙂 And now i can improve my english, comunicating with other peopls around world)))))
–  I think everyone understand you in interview…. I have question – After these nightmares that you saw and your brother too… You still love F1?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Of course, the love remains for ever. Every new season gives something new.
Rules changes, driver come and go, new talents shows.
Biggest wish will be that maybe one day some Croatian driver manage to come to F1, we have in GT3 young very good driver.
– By way, about Croatian Drivers: you talk about they drove in autosport. Can you talk about all drivers from croatia, that you know?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Martin Kordić, just 20 years old – he won last year in Endurance Blancpain GT series in category Pro-AM at Silverstone, he drives Lamborghini.
Zvonimir show to me this news: “Croatian driver Martin Kodric finished the season in stunning style with a brilliant win at Barcelona – to cement second place overall in the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup, this weekend (29 Sept – 1 Oct).”
–  Thanks for information – which drivers from Croatia you know, only one?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Niko Pulić –  he was rally driver, later he drive world champiship Trucks.
He was europen champion several thime in Hill Climbing, he is here legend of motorport in Croatia. Not only fans of motosport know for him, from Dubrovnik.
He is still driving even with 54 years :-), after 10 years he returns to races.
The most famous rally here is Ina Delta Rally, and i have luck that every year is driving trough my small town. And we have track at Grobnik near Rijeka, there was Moto GP races every year, until war happened, and there was plans to bulid a whole new track near Zagreb, but only plans or now.
For now, It would be very close to place where i lives, so i hope that those plans happen in future..
– And you hope that someday, someone in Croatia will be in F1?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: For now it look like sci-fi, but never say never :-), hope always live.
When they anounced those plans for new track, they say that they have plans for f1, but it’s a long long way…
– Alright man, I have 2 more questions..
RSLF1 | zvonimir: ok.
– First – Your Brother Nino, he’s close to F1: he’s journalist or he’s just usual fan?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Just usual fan…Because specaly before, races where much closer, intensity and “fightng” on track, there love is born, and stay for ever. So he “brings” me also to the sport 🙂
– And he “brings” in online sport too?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Of course, we have long history also on computers, from very beginngs: on ZX Spectrum, (laugh), I think the game called checkered flag and then on C64, later Amiga and PC..
From grand prix 1,2,3,4 until F1 Series from codemasrters, we drive them all 🙂
RSLF1 | zvonimir: 🙂
– How old he is?
RSLF1 | zvonimir: He is 45. He’s 6 and half years oldee to me.
– Well, i’ll be wait him in RIOL.. In next season i hope.
RSLF1 | zvonimir: Me too! Lookin excited for new online season beggins, to all drivers i wish good seasson, and less incidents, to all heve fun. After all the fun and friendship is most important,
– And last question tonight, how you rate current season in Formula 1, what you wait from French GP?RSLF1 | zvonimir: Happy to know and meet other f1 lovers, and drivers from whole world, to share advices and memories.
I am interesting to see what happens with Max, and Riccardo – because Ricardio impreseed me this seasson, a lot and in these is interesting firht between Red Bull.
I mean i know Riccardo is good driver, but now even better and Max is hungry, but push to much i think – impatient…Merced is not that dominating anymore.
In 2-3 years where Mercedes even more ahead of rest, now is interesting when Ferrari, and Red Bull are back in game. F1 need stronge McLaren, Williams…
Renault is pretty good, and Toro Rosso better, also Force india not like last year, but ok, have room or improvment.
Hope that these team come closer to 3 team ahead, so we have closer battles…
You see last race… Ferrari wins in Canada first time after i think 2004. and M.Schumacher
– Yeah i know this, maybe French GP will be interesting.
Ok – Zvonimir. It was pleasure to take interview.
RSLF1 | zvonimir: we will see what wehetar will be
I would like to thank you, for interview.
RSLF1 | zvonimir: it’s been plaesure, and thanks for invite dto do interview 🙂
I am not used to do it, but i hop in future we make another, maybe after some good result in season 🙂
At last once more, good luck to all drivers for new season. See you on track!
– Thank you very much, see you later
RSLF1 | zvonimir: ok, see you

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