Nik meets Teamiversen

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– Hello everyone, this is third of seria interviews. I invite in interview people, who was very interesting in our championship. And i would like to present this guy – which he show huge speed, and soon he’ll be superstart in RIOL. Second super swede in our championship. Johan Axling aka Teamiversen…..
Teamiversen: Hi… It’s an honor to have been invited into this league
– Man you have a good pole position in Monza but you had bad luck in Monza, and same was in china.
Teamiversen: Well bit of both really, bad calls, bad prep and a bit of bad luck has not really helped my chances of a win so far..
– Anyway I like your racing in this season, and this reason why i call you.
Teamiversen: well thank you, i have really enjoyed it. I was really surprised when I showed up in Monza for my first race with no practice and managed to put it on pole
– Ok, but I would like to talk about personally you.  I know you from hometown of heroes from 70’s – Ronnie Peterson. From Oreboro…
Teamiversen: That’s right. I am surprised how many people in my town of the older generation know about him, last year Sweden even released a movie at the cinema named “super swede”.
– And I would asking you – how cinema, and do you watch this cinema?
Teamiversen: No, ironically I haven’t seen it yet
– Maybe you read reviews, about this cinema?
Teamiversen: No not even that but I will definitely try to find it online and watch it someday
– Alright, about older generation they remember Ronnie and his friend Gunnar Nillson?
Teamiversen: No, never heard anyone talk about him, not even about Stefan Johansson who was driving for Ferrari.
– They don’t talk about because Gunnar has won only one race, then Johansson – no one?
Teamiversen: Nope, Ronnie is the one and only xD
–  (laugh) understood. I want listen your opinion – how you think ronnie could be a champion in F1, if he hadn’t killed in monza 40 years ago?
Teamiversen: Hmm, hard to say. I don’t actually know if he would’ve beaten Andretti that year,  if he hadn’t died.
–  I ask this because I heard that ronnie must had moved in McLaren in 1979, did you know about it?Teamiversen: No I did not, lotus did however finish higher than McLaren that certain year, but McLaren had much better future
– You pretty sure, that Ronnie could be a champion in F1 in any car?
Teamiversen: Totally depends on the opponent :P. Not sure how well he would’ve coped agains for example Senna.
– Alright Johan, I have simple question: How much years you watch F1?
Teamiversen: Followed the end of 2013 and 2014 was first season I watched.  I was cheering for Rosberg, both red bulls and Ericsson 😛
–  Now, after retiring Rosberg from F1 – You cheer only for RB and Ericsson?
Teamiversen: No, vettel  100%, and not plastic either,  I do not like verstappen or red bull that much.
I got into f1 after playing the f1 2012 game, I didn’t know about any driver but I liked Vettel for no real reason. Then I started watching and Vettel and Alonso was the only names I recognized, so was cheering for vettel and when I realized he was also winning I kept on cheering for him.
– Now Vettel in Ferrari, after his departure from Red Bull, how you feel about riccardo, and you force for him? Even after he become faster than Vettel?
Teamiversen: I really like ricciardo, and in like to see him beat verstappen but vettel is nr.1, he was the one i was cheering for even if 2016
–  You know – you second person which not like verstappen).
How you will be feel if Red Bull will move in Honda motors in 2019? (question was before, when I learn that Red Bull will move in Honda motors in next year), do you believe in Honda motors?Teamiversen: (Laugh) well….  Red bull just like McLaren blamed the power units, when for example renault does not have any issues. So, if any team can fuck up Honda like McLaren, its red bull.
Because Red bull did not adapt their car to the engine just like mclaren didn’t do, so think Honda will be okay, but if it goes bad, red bull will only blame them and the relationship will get worse, cause they blame Renault when Renault doesn’t even have issues.
–  After this you’ll advice Riccardo run from RB?
Teamiversen: I’d give him another year, think the top teams will not let go of their drivers, like Mercedes will not drop bottas, and Ferrari wont sign him now and he’s not gonna move to worse team so – stay is my advice to Ric….
– Ok,  Next question will be Ericsson, you personally told me that you know him?
Teamiversen: Well not know him but talked to him several times, he recognizes me and all, and when I meet him we don’t even talk f1, is just chill conversation.
–  Alright, Man I have question. Did you watch old races from past F1?
Teamiversen: I have not watched full f1 races but when I started I was super interested in f1 history.
–  You like 70’s races or 80’s and 90’s?
Teamiversen: 90s and 80s, but 90s better… Also when Michael started driving.
– You like Schumacher?
Teamiversen: Yes, the best of all time. I mean people say Senna’s best season was 1988,Prost even beat senna that year but because of retarded rules senna won that year.
– Alright.. I understood… But how you feel about Keke Rosberg (Nico Rosberg’s Father), and about Finnish drivers?
Teamiversen: Well no opinion xD.
– Keke Rosberg has born in Stockholm, do you know it?
Teamiversen: No, had no idea
– Oki Doki. Next question: Halo….. Your opinion
Teamiversen: Never had complains,  maybe didn’t look as good, but never was against FIA for introducing it. Same with the theme song – everyone hated it… I said it was good – got hate.
I said just wait – now everyone loves it.
Like, people simply dislike most things Liberty media suggests just cause they can and not even giving it a chance.
– Agree – but I would like to say I hated Halo, until F2 when Fukuzumi and Makino crashed…
I remember how many pilots died because they were hit: the Wheels of the cars – right in the helmet, the wreckage… And got a head injury, and someone very lucky – got off with a concussion. Maybe if Halo was – Henry Surtees wouldn’t died after that accident in 2009 and Massa wouldn’t got that detail from Barrichello car…. But in Jules situation and WIlson in 2015 it wouldn’t helped…..
You can continue your opinion…..
Teamiversen: Well not sure Massa’s accident would’ve helped, but Senna… When he crashed he died cuz the tyre got squeezed between the car and barrier and popped up and smacked his head – halo-maybe saved.
–  Alright I understood you… Next question – I know that you not use any assits… And soon will be new season in F1 2018. I have question do you’ll be drive in seria A, or you need wait F1 2018 and only then you understand that you ready for huge league?
Teamiversen: Well, I’m working now. I hope I’ll buy f1 2018 and if I do I’ll be doing my best to be competitive.
–  So you plan move in Seria A?
Teamiversen: If I  get 2018 –  yes.
–  Alright. I’ll Be glad with that)
Teamiversen: Yes, thank you.
–  Alright. How you feel about Esports?
Teamiversen: Never cared to even try to qualify
– You don’t like this Serias?
Teamiversen: Well I like only to watch it.
– How you rate F1 2018 season?
Teamiversen: Good, maybe not the last races. But I mean it’s bad tracks for these cars, and title fight more tense than last year. And not the boring bullshit we had in Mercedes dominance.
So for me is good =  8/10, but France will also be bad race……
–  I don’t think so… First corner – it’s chicane. Alright mate. I glad that you answers in all my question. Do you have something say, and how interview?
Teamiversen: Interview was nice, never had one before, and I want to thank you for the experience.
–  Alright, and I have last question. After FIFA 2018 – I planned to some events for RIOL, do you will be participate there?
Teamiversen: What is that?
–  Summer Tournament and Royal Rumble Race – I’ll do announce later.
Teamiversen: Oh, okay. But – no idea. Don’t play f1 2017 really, not anymore.
– It’s optional.
Teamiversen: Yeah, we’ll see.
– Alright, well Johan thank you very much for interview. See you later…
Teamiversen: Same, see you..

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