Nik meets Jackyyy

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Hello everyone. I continue seria of interviews in our website. Tonight our next guest – is Polish driver from Seria B: Jackyyy but personally i know his real name Piotr Pielecha. He’s famous, and talented polish driver in seria B. But last season, he have much bad luck, and yesterday i found reason why he didn’t drove remaining races. Can i told this in interview, piotr?
Piotr Pielecha (Jackyyy): (yes) Firstly, Have a good day everyone! Last season i have a lot of bad luck, however i tried to fight with it as much i could. I was practising a bit, preparing for races and on the other hand i had important exams in school. It was hard time for me. One day i broke few bones, then my whole  life collapsed. I was in very tough situation in real life, especially in school. What about F1? I could forgot about it. Now I’m in home with all exams passed, family issues solved and in few weeks i will be able to move  my right hand. Now I’m looking forward, not looking backwards, so my goal is to get back into racing in F1 2018.
– I heard that was accident, and this happened 2 months ago?
Piotr Pielecha: Yeah, 2-3 months ago?
– It was worst thing in your life?
Piotr Pielecha: So far, those things all together were the worst, thats true.
– It was like with kubica in 2011, or it’s not comperend?
Piotr Pielecha: (laugh), As I said i still can’t drive a car but it is all going in good way. So one day i could say that i went a ”Kubica” recovery.
– Good joke, mate!
Piotr Pielecha: Thank you very much 😀
– Well i think we should move in another question – about robert kubica, maybe you won’t beileve but Robert Kubica was popular in russia too, until Petrov’s debut, then this crash, and now kubica return as reserve driver in F1. You didn’t angry when willams sign Sirotkin, not Robert Kubica?
Piotr Pielecha: Whole Poland were supporting Kubica but actually, my thoughts are with Williams. Sirotkin joining Williams took with him around 22 millions of dollars. Kubica had only 1/3 of his budget. We all know that Williams lost a major sponsor – Martini. Team from Grove Street is in big trouble now so with Sirotkin’s money and Kubica’s expirience i hope they will do much better job than now. Overall i’m not angry. Let’s be optimistic that Kubica will find free seat next season
– If Kubica was in Sirtokin place, His “return” fairytale – had to be nightmare?
Piotr Pielecha: Noo, why? I really hope that Kubica will start in next season.
– And if he did, he’d be back this year. Given Williams ‘ current form.
Piotr Pielecha: hmm, i think that with his expirience he would’t make williams to enter Q3. It’s too much about car nowdays, not drivers.
– Alright, i have question about current season in F1. How you rate this?
Piotr Pielecha: Hmm, this season is more about strategy than overtaking. More casual fans will find it boring but more interested ones will know what it is all about. Hope neext season reulations will make it super interesting.
– How much years you watch F1?
Piotr Pielecha: Now that i have more free time when it comes to trainings im listening to comentators and of course watching Qauli and Race. In this year will be 8 years since i start watch F1.
– After kubica, you started force for mercedes?
Piotr Pielecha: Actually not, my father bought mercedes and i fall in love with it.
– How about another drivers….
Piotr Pielecha: hmm i always support Lewis Hamilton. I know a lot of people hate him for his behavior but after all hi has great character and he is also great driver.
– How did you deal with the haters?
Piotr Pielecha: Good question, i’ve always been an assertive person. It’s hard to convince me, so I know what’s the best for me.
– What you can tell about Valtteri Bottas? And about guys like sirotkin, magnussen, verstappen…
Piotr Pielecha: He is a very constant driver but it happens to him to make small mistakes. Starts are not his best side too. He is also not the luckiest one (race in Baku). I want that one day he will be World Champion.
Let’s focus on Verstappen. I hate him. He is the most luckiest driver on earth. How many penalties he missed. He is super under care of Christian Horner. He is too agressive and he is not under the same rules as everone else. I have a harsh atitude toward him.
– Well, i be neutral with your opinion. Because we know who max verstappen is it.. I want say Verstappen in same situation like with kvyat.
Piotr Pielecha: Yeah, thats kinda true..
– Piotr i have very good question. If you have any opprotuinitty – you had brawl with max verstappen? I mean do you want kick him in face?
Piotr Pielecha: No, im not a pearson who would punch in a face, nobody deserve to be beaten at any reason. But i would definitely have told him why he should’t be in Formula 1.
– Alright, you have told same things to magnussen?
Piotr Pielecha: hmm he is in different situation. He is not a ”wondrchild”, he is not ”the fastest in the world” he is just an average/bad driver. We cannot compare him to Verstappen… But this season he is doing quite good job.
– Better than grosjean or Crashjean? (joke question)
Piotr Pielecha: both of them 😀
– (laugh), good joke again… How you feel about our Sergey Sirotkin – he deserve be in F1?
Piotr Pielecha: So far yes, he isnt any better or worse than Stroll, pressure doesn’t kill him. And as i said earlier he really boost  Williams in financial part.
– You think he’s score first points in F1 soon?
Piotr Pielecha: Yes, I don’t know when but yes. This season is very unpredictable so he will.
– Alright, next question mate. Did you support Liberty Media after Bernie retire from f1?
Piotr Pielecha: Actually yes, on this stage of their changes. This is American company so it is going to be more and more commercial. Now we have a lot more features, it’s cool and nice to see for example HUD on HALO. I’m worried that in longer time of period they will make it too ”American” or they will do some stupid decision that F1 will chnge too quickly and it will kill this sport. For now, it’s all ok.
– So now for you Halo is OK?
Piotr Pielecha: Firstly i wasn’t sure about Halo, it looks ugly and kinda weird but after my accident I’m saying safety first so we shouldn’t complain about how it looks. It is for drivers safety.
– This accident change your life?
Piotr Pielecha: Definitely yes, now im grateful that i can walk and think clearly, I could have been killed. Now it’s my last part of recovery so i’m optimistic about my life and i’m trying to be happy with everything. I also want to add that i learned from F1 very useful skill – patience. It’s very important to be patient in those type of situations.
– I agree with that… Well i have only 2 questions, and only about Online Sports. First how you feel about Esports?
Piotr Pielecha: It’s a great Idea. I can say that i’m jelous how fast are guys in the top. The pain is that E-sports is taken very seriously in England, France or Germany. For me there should be more events in E-sports in local areas. For example Qualifying for official League for every diffrent country. There should be even more leagues for more drivers, I mean lets make 3 leagues fo 60 fastest drivers and find the best ones. Not only the fastests drivers on one lap are the best ones.
– You will be drive with assits in next season?
Piotr Pielecha: Yes next season but i will try to put off every assists. I will try as hard as i can to improve myself and be faster in F1 2018.
– So next season you be in seria B again, or you’ll be in Seria A? In new seria A without assits.
Piotr Pielecha: Beggining wont’t be easy and i don’t know if i will be ready to drive without assist on League level. I will do my best!
– Well just to need you know, if you won’t be ready you can drive in Seria B again. Just warning you.
Piotr Pielecha: yeah, thanks.
– Well it’s time to end this interview. In last i would like ask you: how was this interview, and do you have something to say for RIOL?
Piotr Pielecha: So, | was shocked by some questions, specially Verstappen ones. It is always nice to share some opinion with someone. I hope you enjoy it, and will know me little bit better. What about RIOL? I hope next season there will be 20 Very good drivers with a friendly attitude to each other. And to show respect for our great Kolesov!
–  Maybe you not know, but i don’t like that everyone call me kolesov. I try to be friendly guy and someone call me – nik.
Piotr Pielecha: Sure Nik! You should change your Steam nickname to Nik.K 🙂 Thank you very much for the interview.
– And personally in ending of this interview. I want tell that i didn’t know that you could leave our world. For me was shock news. But i glad that you ok, i glad that you answers to all my questions, i would like to say thank you. And i hope that we see in F1 2018 old jackyyy aka Piotr Pielecha.
Piotr it was a pleasure to talk with you thank your very much.
Piotr Pielecha: Vice Versa, Thank you very much! See you later!

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