Interview with Alex_The_Fox

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So what can I say. Grand Prix in Italy can be called a race of the season, we debuted, a lot of new faces Were still unusual moments. Victory GT McLaren at the start from 15 place. But we have another hero of the race – Alex_the_Fox (I would like to call it a real name, if he permits), in Monza pilot of the Renault Team won the first podium in his career, although a couple of months ago, his participation was questionable. But he returned, and became faster. Alex, what can you say about this? Is that true or not?
alex_the_fox: Alexander is my real name, but you can call Alex. Yeah, I guess I got a little faster, which is surprising. I think a little rest has helped me to gather strength and to evaluate their own actions.
* laughter*. In fact, my reason for leaving was due to wear and tear. I didn’t think I manage to get new equipment, and maybe now helps to develop my potential and speed, but we’ll see what happens
– You had two strong GP. Still remember last season where you were going in the Seria A (which was with assits race). Now everything is better for you. or do you want something more?
alex_the_fox: Any pilot wants to achieve more, namely to climb the high pedestal. Unfortunately, not everyone can win, but you need to be able to be at the moment where you need, and then who knows what can happen. Personally for me, the podium is the best moment in my career, even if due to the gatherings of the leaders, I rose to third place, but honestly, it’s more pleasant for me to finish in high positions and earn a lot of points. To win is far from me, and next to the catwalks, can get
– Can you tell us how the race went for you?
alex_the_fox: the Qualification was quiet for me, for the first time no one interfered with me on the fast lap, which for the second time in a row started in the top ten. I’ve had a little bit of a fuel-tactic, and I’ve got a full tank. When I moved out. I don’t know what happened at the start. Many have become Lagging season. I even lifted myself on the car Williams / Raspas/, and then to the point of braking he abruptly appeared ahead. I have not reaction, and drove past the first turn.
Plus I’m not the one was past the first turn. Further, I wanted to regain its position, and pretty unsuccessfully attacked Red bull. After my turn I gathered and began to regain the position behind the position was the contact with the Sauber and my partner, and then to the end of 11 lap, traveled on the Supersoft. After my Pit-Stop, I saw more yellow flags and the gathering Tolbuzov and Mr. Anka, went to 17 lap until he saw that I was going to 3rd place. Then I was really worried, knowing that the food on high ground, afraid to make a mistake or departure, but quietly held. I was even in 2nd place out, but in the end Assassin on the Supersoft passed me, and I did not lose heart, because it is still the first podium. The race was very crazy and difficult, and interesting, more would be such races
– Mention Tolbuzov and Anku you seen the incident?
alex_the_fox: Honestly no, I have not seen… only a broken car and slowly driving ankka. When they passed me on new tires, was afraid to disturb them, Tolbuzov very risky missed the first turn, but Anka was a little hurt, but after the first turn missed. Maybe for Tolbuzov was better if I just kept the tank, but now nothing changed
– What else did you see in the race?
alex_the_fox: unfortunately nothing more special not seen, if there was active fighting behind me, probably it was hot.
– Ok, I understand. You don’t remember about the bad start of the season?
alex_the_fox: a Bad race, just remember and when I remember me is laughable, because then it was stupid and a green rookie. I even remember the first race of Brazil, which ended in a descent, but I was very slowly driving because of the unsuccessful launch of the game. Pass restart Russia still remember, very was angry, that missed then perhaps the first podium. Failures in the race, is also a great experience with them getting wise and trying less to make mistakes, especially the second race in Bahrain, where I was at the start very much messed up. Beginners in the first race it is difficult to be in the League of fast pilots, but over time they become faster
N. Kolesov: OK. Now let’s turn to such “technical” issues. Perhaps we will have F1 2018, this summer. Do you have any thoughts on that?
alex_the_fox: If I had a saw, I would cut off the Halo, because the cars began to look worse. Don’t know what the game will add Codemasters, personally, I would like to see stable work of the online that players are not out of sessions, or was not desync. Also, I personally want to see the return of the classic runs that no longer accept the Grand Prix, such as Portugal, or Imola. Let’s see when the first information is displayed.
– What you can say a few words about the season of F1 in 2018?
alex_the_fox: the Season is still long and everything can change. Honestly I see an equal fight between Ferrari and Mercedes, the rest are already like catching up teams. I don’t know. who will win the fifth title, I think Hamilton will win, but for me he was not a favorite pilot. 3 races of 4 events intervened only in Bahrain have seen the true fight Ferrari and Mercedes, but no one is immune from the various events. It’s bad that Williams fell hard, Sauber well done, pulled up. McLaren with another engine supplier, not so fast, Toro Rosso and even McLaren looks better. For me honestly the first four race were interesting, hope and further it will be interesting
– What’s your favorite team?
alex_the_fox: Force India, she proved that private teams can climb high in the Constructors ‘Cup, I think she motivated other private teams to fight in the Constructors’ Cup, for example Haas, or Sauber
– Well, I understand you, the next race in Singapore. what are you gonna say about her?
alex_the_fox: City track, it is included in my list of favorite tracks. It is usually on the favorite tracks I go to. What I like in it, the fact that it is night, and the track is not inherently complex high-speed turns, and then slow corners. Here the track is not of engines and chassis, but I think it disappears. Here you need skill and courage in cornering, and the main thing is not to crash into the wall. I hope there Tolbuzov lucky to climb the podium
– OK, we will finish the interview, thank you for the interview, see you in Singapore.

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