Interviews with racers – Austrian GP (Seria A)

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Vettel 23 (1 place)
–  Literally, i’m shocked what i saw. First time in season – Smash has DNF in GP. Race was huge in actions, last laps battle for 3 rd place with jonge and innersight. And easy won for vettel 23 (Jakub Pres). But if smash finished in race who knows what it be there. So jakub, without emotions tell how race was?
VRL | Vettel 23™ #DeCesaris: In qualifications i think anyone can beat. First, because is spielberg who’s i love, and second, because it raining. So when i saw that mark beat me, it was very surprised for me. In the race i don’t know what i expected. I faster than mark ? Slower than him ? When Smash catcha up us ? First corners of the race it’s the were nervous. In second, Berrat very late break and strike me. Fortunetlly, i haven’t damage, so i can chase Mark. In 5 lap i make a mistake, and i lost 2 second for him, but cuiqckly in 7 laps time i again catch him. He box in 12 lap and from this moment i know, that i must push. I box at 15 lap, exit ahead of him, and went with very good pace to the finnish.
–  You won in race only in your favorite track?
VRL | Vettel 23™ #DeCesaris: Maybe ;D
– I remember abu dhabi you won there too
VRL | Vettel 23™ #DeCesaris: Yes, but Yas marina i only like. Not like Austria, Singapore, Malaysia. I play on controller of xbox 360, so i have little harder. But anyway, maybe i can win with track who’s i hate ;D.
VRL | Vettel 23™ #DeCesaris: And i know, Singapore and Malaysia is still to driven ;D
– So you use xbox in our races?
VRL | Vettel 23™ #DeCesaris: Controller of Xbox. Of corse i play in computer.
– Can you said somthing about another drivers?
VRL | Vettel 23™ #DeCesaris: Hm… Not many, but a few. Mark is very Difficult rival, and simply is very quick. Now it’s my the most dangerous rival at work for him. He never gets a penalty. Drive qucik, and Clear. Second driver is smash. Unbelievable quick. Absolutly, for me, not to catch. Today was an accident at for him. Third, and last, is Innersight. He is very quick, but he has a problem with records program. And now Overall. Driver in RIOL Seria A are very quick. Realy. In this leag level is realy higher.
– Ok, i not have questions. See you in Belgium (Vettel 23 – miss next GP due personal reasons)
VRL | Vettel 23™ #DeCesaris: oh, ok. See you in Belgian.

Innersight (3 Place) – Hero of the race
– After many races with bad luck, after all problems, what he got. Innersight return in podium. Last time innersight was in podium in 5 season. How you feels man?
InnerSight: I am so happy to be back in a long time.
– Man tell me, why after 4 season your results has going bad?
InnerSight: I had a lot of problems with my braking style. As the F1 game continues to repeat, the braking system seems to have changed little by little on the basis of reality. I did not get there right. Now I have changed my method to first speed down the gear after the braking first.
– You 2 times ends championship in 2 place, you have many winings, but when you get another won or title?
InnerSight: Too much of my life has changed, including work in the last two years. It is hard to say specifically but it is hard to spend more time in F1 than before. This season is going to be tough, but I’m going to put my power on next season.
– How you think F1 is changed?
InnerSight: My personal opinion is that the popularity of the F1 game is less than the reality, but I think that last year Esports was relatively successful. Over time, the number of participants will increase, and the community will be much better than before. Therefore, the F1 game itself is becoming more and more difficult to reflect reality.
– Ok, how your reaction about returning in seria A – non assits race?
InnerSight: I played without assists regardless of the rules of the league. So, I did not feel a big change. However, it is true that my rankings have risen relatively. I have no plans to use assists in the future.
– Ok, next race is hungary, what are you wait from next GP?
InnerSight: The level of the league has increased overall. Under normal circumstances, I clearly know that there is a difference between the top person and skill. So, this season is satisfied and aimed only when it is in sixth place of every game.
– Ok, thanks for giving interview. See you later
InnerSight: See you later. 🙂


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