Renault F1 Team. Interview after British GP (Seria A)

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– In Seria A was very raining race, at least i though that victory battle will be easy, but in couple laps leader of this race was berrat. As we know, berrat have little crisis in his performances, but now after this race open he’s got a second wind. And also i decide quest something to F1 Kimi, which yesterday he won 3 rd place in classic championship. So guys i have question, season for both of you, hard season?
ERC #46 Berrat: Not a hard season, but in last races i was not as secure than i could. I do some mistake cause i havn’t really try the setup. F1 Kimi Keep fighting but it will be difficult to be on top in the championship.
– F1 Kimi?
F1 KIMI:  Yes difficult, it’s another challenge, but I accepted it.
– Ok, as i know Berrat won couple races, and he’s in 2 nd place in last season of our championship. So berrat i have personally question, your problems in this season only from set ups or you have some reasons?
ERC #46 Berrat: I couldn’t participate at all the race like Abu and Bahrein, but on spain and Baku i was just too aggressive. Maybe was the setup or my fault, but in the future i will make sure it doesn ‘t happen anymore.
– Valery (F1 KIMI) how do you feel about racing without help?
F1 KIMI: Good for me, it’s real racing.
– Ok, but was too agressive stradegy tonight, because i think you could be in Top 3 tonight. But you had wet stragedy. Berrat how you can tell about this?
ERC #46 Berrat: Yeah of course, i could fight for the podium tonight, but I tried to stay too long with wet tyres. That was the problem, I hoped sun coming but did not. It was bad for the strategy cause i had more pace on wet than dry comparing to others guys. But 6th I’m fine, was not too bad. We will doing better next race in Austria!
– Ok, next question to berrat any chances that you will be in podium in austria? In procents?
ERC #46 Berrat: Hehe, that a good question. i Don’t know there are many good pilots in this league. Maybe if rain will coming in the RedBull Ring i will have my chance. Let’s try about 40% 🙂
– OK, F1 KIMI I have a question for you: how do you rate your performances this season?
F1 KIMI: Bad, but I often finish it is already good, as there is not enough grip to the rear of the road, in the settings do not get.
– How do you rate your partner’s performance?
ERC #46 Berrat: I think i’m faster, but F1Kimi is good too, he gain lots of points when i was missing and i think he ‘s more regular  and safe than me.
– Ok, how you think guys in which place Renault will be in cup of contructors?
F1 KIMI: 3-5 place, something like that.
– Berrat?
ERC #46 Berrat: Yea we could fight for the 3rd place,  we need to be great for the next of the season! That will be hard but not impossible 🙂
– Alright. How you both feel about new F1 season. Who will won title?
ERC #46 Berrat: I’m Fan of Kimi so i hope He will win this year! But against Hamilton and Vettel the battle will be very intersting !
– F1 Kimi?
F1 KIMI: I for Alonso, but unfothely will win Vettel.
– How about Kimi Raikkonen?
F1 KIMI: I hope too, but ferrari will not give him any opprotunitty.
– Ok. Alright guys thanks for interview, see you in austria.

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