Interview with Mark (Seria A rookie)

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2 victories in a row, after this good performance, i can’t ignored little achivments from italian rookie in sauber. Mark coming in our championship few weeks ago, and he make good way in championship. Let’s quest some questions to him: How championship, mark?
Mark: First I want to thank you Nik, the Russian international online league and a special thanks to Hit_Orion for giving me the opportunity to participate for the first time in my life in an online league.
This is and must only remain a game for me with clearly written rules, it is difficult sometimes to respect them for different problems like lag or bugs in the game or frenzy to stay ahead but the hardest work is certainly yours, organize events like these it does not have to be simple and please all, I do not even want to think about it, I only give you my compliments (BRAVISSIMI).
I’m just looking for healthy and pure fun with more experienced and fast riders than me.
– OK, i see you like our championship. How experience in online races?
Mark: Well, i did not expect this departure from me sure. I know that miss probably the faster pilot ( Smash ) but will see next races how i will be fast or not. The riders for now behaved as I expected, really good and fun.
-Yes about smash, he’ll return in Spanish GP and also he won AOR Split 5 title.
Mark: It will be really interesting to see how fast it really is and I think it will be for sure and I think it will be but it will be a great experience to deal with a driver like him.
– Next question: How much you watch F1? And who was you favorite driver in past or maybe in present?
Mark: I m 44 year old and I look at the F1 since Gilles Villeneuve was there, the memory as it was today that day. I also saw a dozen grand prix between imola and monza , first GP i saw was Monza 1996 at the parabolica. My favorite driver is Michael Schumacher for many reasons.
But after 2006 something changed.What? You cannot believe it….
My brother ( 5 years younger) was called by Ferrari in Maranello, unbealivable,he never followed the f1 in his life but his work brought him there.
– Wow
Mark: I saw things that you humans cannot even imagine hehehe. I can only tell you that he started working with Todt and Schumacher.
– He’s journalist or engeneer?
Mark: Engineer, after 9 years in ferrari he decided to change and now he works in england, Woking (Laugh). My next trip will be in England i hope, Mc-Laren factory. To close theme on my brother I can only say I’m proud, really proud.
– Ok, you told you was in 1996 in first GP appereance. Your first TV race it was…..?
Mark: I dont remember exactly, i was too young, maybe 1979-1980, i only remember that I looked at them with my uncle at his house.
– Well, i know only one driver who watch just like you F1 from 80’s it’s meanxx from Toro Rosso. He’s seria B driver. You live in Maranello?
Mark: No, i was there just because my brother was there. There  I had the chance to drive the car faster of my life , ferrari 458 italia, wow what a car. Just 10 minutes but was amazing.
– You was very happy man in world))))
Mark: sure like a like a child with his first toy (Laugh).
– Ok, you prefer rome or milano?
Mark: hm. Venezia hehe.
– Joke question in interview….. But serouise, you live in rome or venezia?
Mark: i live in the nearest city by u in Italy, Trieste.
– Ok understood. I don’t plan question about michael schumaher, because everyone knows what happend, and how he is.
Mark: Yes, no comment, good luck for him and his family, VIVA SCHUMACHER.
– Assassin from Britain huge Schumaher’s fan too.
Mark: Assassin is the fastest driver in serie B league right?
– Yes, Assassin is champion of Seria B. Do you believe in Mick Schumacher (Michael’s Son)?
Mark: I hope he can do what his father has done, but with that last name it will not be easy, good luck to Mick.
– Now i know that you huge Schumaher’s fan. But anyway i have question, you had favourite italian drivers or no one interestred you, from these years that you watch F1? And one more question. How you think italian drivers returns in F1?
Mark: When I was young I was rooting for Alboreto now it’s been too long for Italian riders to be absent from the circus, we’ll see in the future.
– Fisichella was good driver like michele alboreto.
Mark: Yes Fisico was a good driver but he never had a chance to fight for the title. I do not follow F1 as much as I do once and therefore I can not tell if there are any future drivers to follow.
– Ok, how as you know this sunday starts F1 2018 Season, do you will be watch?
Mark: Yes sure I’m also curious this year to see who will compete with Mercedes, FORZA FERRARI.
– And we have younger ferrari academy driver – Charles Leclerc, your predictions?
Mark: I hope in a battle with 3 or 4 teams finally but I think the fight will still be between Vettel and Hamilton.
-Yeah. And Sergey Sirotkin will be in F1.
Mark: team?
– Willams.
Mark: It will be a great experience for him, with a good team.
– Yeah…. Mark, last question: Which music you like?
Mark: When I was young mine was the metal but now I listen to everything especially Violetta with my daughter (Laugh)
– Ok. Alright, i think we finish interview there, thanks for interview.
Mark: Thanks to you, Nik it was interesting. See u in Spain i hope 😉

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