Interview with Dmitry Tolbuzov.

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N. Kolesov: I understand that the civil war begins in McLaren. Are there any comments on that?
D. Tolbuzov: Not sure that this is a war,but his actions make me neuromelanin…my “partner” has deprived me of many points, which may not be enough in the fight for the championship
N. Kolesov: Don’t you think the reason for this was your failure to do so in Australia?
D. Tolbuzov: I don’t know. I think to ask him….
N. Kolesov: Yes, but the fact remains. You picked the GP of Australia, and did not even apologize. While on the other hand, the apology has prevented Suvorkin.
D. Tolbuzov: I got my punishment. Although I didn’t think to rip it off. Had no idea what the host could do and what could not and I regret it and wanted to apologize.
N. Kolesov: Well, let’s consider the start from the last place your ” own punishment”
D. Tolbuzov: As you wish
N. Kolesov: However, Andrey Suvorkin began to claim that he allegedly “does everything correctly, everything within the rules. And you’re compared to Kevin Magnussen…. And “partner” says you can’t fight on the track.
D. Tolbuzov: I leave “his opinion” without comment. Problem with anybody was not in the fight
And with Marian we fought hard and a couple of times with Assassin, but there were no problems. And here you see, I don’t know how to fight on the track. I think he’s looking for excuses.
N. Kolesov: Well, rosboos to GP Singapore? And other collisions?
D. Tolbuzov: Rosboos was one incident, but what about the other question do not understand. Yes, there were contacts ,but all within the normal range.
N. Kolesov: The next question is: Given that you have a feud with suvorkin, why don’t you want to have the support of pilots from the championship?
D. Tolbuzov: Again, I have no enmity…Maybe he thinks so and so does on the track.
N. Kolesov: I understood you, but almost all the finishers say that Suvorkin is to blame for that incident. However, Suvorkin, says that you left his place. I talked to everyone who finished, and a couple of people in the A series, all blaming Suvorkin…..
D. Tolbuzov: incidents in Australia and Abu Dhabi are different, but treat Them equally ….here’s his problem
N. Kolesov: I certainly saw that incident in Abu Dhabi, I ask you not to scold me for it, but personally for me it is a racing incident, but Suvorkin will get 3 penalty points +10 seconds. And it is likely if this number exceeds 10 points, it will start from the last place. And Suvorkin-falls on the 5th place.
D. Tolbuzov: 10 seconds is more realistic.
N. Kolesov: My next question is, will you stay away from suvorkin in Sochi? Because it is possible to repeat the GP of Russia in 2016…
D. Tolbuzov: With such logic I can stay at home and not chase. So, I think it is better he should stick to the rules.
N. Kolesov: Okay last question: can you still worth to listen, such as pilots Estcube, GT-McLaren, Raspus, Iceman 07. Moreover, many people respect you as an opponent.
D. Tolbuzov: what are we talking about?
N. Kolesov: about support in your address.
D. Tolbuzov: Well, you can say I’m a private person, although I can definitely say only good things about these guys, I like to chase them, though not everyone is actively playing
N. Kolesov: here is another example: Alex_The_Fox – also a private man. And it is much more difficult than you, because he rides on the keyboard, and you’re on the steering wheel.
D. Tolbuzov: OK, well, with keyboard does not go far. Need drive cars and point. I still need to add that you need to drive without help, it’s hard, but it is bearing fruit.
N. Kolesov: OK, let’s finish this interview

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