Interview with Rasenson.

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Interview was ready in Monday.
Q.: Honestly, I’m shocked by yesterday’s race. That’s what the real formula 1 lacked – a REVOLVING race in Abu Dhabi !!!!!! I’ll tell you a secret, this man does not like Abu Dhabi. But the second consecutive season is winning here, although last season he played in Serie A, now he is in series B. It’s really a real hero of the race: Rasenson (Haas F1 Team). After a series of failures, he finally climbed to the podium, and to the top). And what’s more, he became the first Russian pilot who won this season … But, since we became friends with him, I will call him Arseny. It was a heroic race, how was the feeling after yesterday?
Rasenson: Yes, yesterday was really an exciting race, the start went well, + 2 positions, and most importantly, that at last I had the first round this season without any incidents, the rest of the time I felt pleasure from the fact that I was fighting in the leading group, and was so enthusiastic that he paid attention to the circles only on the 24th lap, and only 4 remained. And the ending was also spectacular. Anka was catching up with me on more recent tires, and even ahead of the last lap, at that moment he was a little bit upset, but I had to calmly get in the hope of fines for the opponent. After the finish I was incredibly happy, so the race was very emotional and after it I still for a while scrolled in my head all the interesting events of the race.
Q.: and notice, until that race you were not on the podium, but there was a chance in Canada.
Rasenson: yes, in Canada, I physically finished 3, but because of the penalty was 4
Q.: Honestly, I’m glad that you broke your series of failures. How do you assess your season?
Rasenson: I would say unsuccessful, but I’ll try to finish on a high note.
Q.: I understand that the season was unsuccessful, many usually gatherings. In Italy – you did not start at all. And yet, I can talk about abu dhabi for a very long time, because you deserved to win.
But come on, let’s ask one more question about the race, only briefly what did you personally have up to the last laps?
Rasenson: In general, the race went smoothly, I made 3-4 combat overtaking, maybe I chose cautious tactics in terms of tires, on the 8th lap I switched to software, after 10 th lap I thought my main rival Gt-mclaren, he rode ahead of me, but he stopped again in the boxes on the 24th lap, apparently supersoft could not stand it. Well, honestly, I did not think that the strategy of 1 and 2 pit stops is comparable in time, but Anka did his job very well!
Q.: Ok, Arseny, I have the following question. How do you like last season in Formula 1?
Rasenson: I think it was at least some kind of revival after 3 years of full domination of the Mercedes, but they still have the best car. And in the future I do not think that the balance of power will change drastically, the Mercedes probably will also be on slightly, but ahead. If from the pilots of someone to allocate, then very strongly passed the season of Sains and Ocon.
Q.: I will say honestly. This year there was a chance – to stop the Hamilton, but due to its own lack of competitiveness, the Ferrari lost the season. And especially Sebastian. But the greater disappointment is Daniil Kvyat.
Rasenson: Yes, it’s a pity of course our compatriot, but I still do not see any reason to stay in Toro Rosso, next year they will suffer like a Mclaren. I do not think that Honda will be able to catch up.
Q.: Honestly, Arseny – I do not feel sorry for Kvyat. If you remember a couple of points – and even more so Singapore … It’s hardly worth keeping Kvyat in F1. I’m sure it will be able to replace it either Sirotkin, or in the carnemaking case – Robert Kubica. By the way, what do you think about his possible return?
Rasenson: Before the accident, he played very hard, I think that he was quite at the level of the Hamilton, but now I’m not sure that this is the best choice, although I think he will overtake the Stroll
Q.: There is another question: Recently, there has been an active squall of criticism of the new leadership of Formula 1, the last straw was the change of the logo of the championship, you personally hurt?
Rasenson: I honestly do not see the point, and even the pilots did not like this idea. Probably in every managing structure there are people who think that it is necessary to do something new and it does not matter what. * Laughter *)))
Q.: Do you have any feelings that Formula 1 goes the wrong way? This question I gave to many pilots of our championship.
Rasenson: Maybe the new owners have ideas that they have not yet realized. Well, recently one of the most amusing moments was the demand for tires. They wanted to make them short-lived, like last year. Many did not like it. This year they are much more stable and most races have passed with 1 stop and again not everyone liked it
Q.: Looks like the fans, they want too much?
Rasenson: this is a difficult question, of course the fans want more shows, but in Formula 1 there have always been leading teams and lagging behind
Q.: There are a couple of questions: Who is your favorite pilot?
Rasenson: I always cheered more for the team, and less for a particular pilot. Of course, I sympathized with those who represent them. At one time it was Schumacher, Massa, Alonso, then Vettel. But it is the team’s victory that makes us happy. Although now I think that the favorite pilot will appear and he will become Leclerc, and I hope for his rapid progress and the place behind the wheel of Ferrari in 2019
Q.: Is it because you watched Bianchi?
Rasenson: Actually, he made a very strong impression on me for 2 years in GP3 and Formula 2
Q.: Did you support Jules Bianchi?
Rasenson: at the time, no, but watched his performances
Q.: Okay, well, we’re done for today. Areshny thanks for the interview. We’ll wait for you in Malaysia.
Rasenson: Ok. In Malaysia, a stunning trail. I’ll try to repeat my success)
Q.: I hope, once again, thanks for the interview.

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