Interview with Andrey Suvorkin.

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Fighting for the title in series B, it seems to be gaining momentum. Pilot Red Bull Assassin for the first time this season, did not see a fluke and Duca Rosso took advantage of this, and won at home. But at the same GP, the series of failures of Andrei Suvorkin ended. Today, I decided to talk with the champion of season 4 and find out why Andrei Suvorkin’s results went into decline.
Q.: Let’s go, without greeting Andrey. I’ll ask a simple question, to start an interview: Are you happy with the podium in Italy?
SUVORKIN: Hello. Yes, I am very happy that, based on the results of qualification and race, I found myself in the top three. By the same – managed to show the fastest lap in the race. The training gave its results.
Q.: I must say, this is your first podium this season. Before that, you had the best race – Australia, and Canada – where you crashed when you were in the lead .. So can I ask: Why, so the results fell?
SUVORKIN: My results have fallen heavily since I stopped giving much time to playing and training. Now I’m developing a new site for our league, I have to spend more time getting to know new technologies and working on this project. Play can only once a week for 15 minutes before the start of the race in the redimime of the trial. Training allows you to work out the passage of a circle. This is just not enough for me in Canada and other races where I got into an accident because of mistakes.
Q.: You can say that you are morally difficult to reconcile with the fact that you are not a leader now. And after all, before the start of the season you said that “I will regain the title ..” But for the first time the reality turned out to be more severe.
SUVORKIN: Yes. It is quite insulting not to be among the leaders of every race. Behind the big half of the season, and the only thing I have left is the opportunity to finish the season on a good note. I will train before each remaining race of the season. I have a chance to finish it in the top three. This will be my goal.
Q.: For the third place in the championship is VERY big density. To say who in what place and how many points each pilot, I will not. You yourself know very well.
SUVORKIN: Yes, there are very good riders involved in the fight. Mr. Ankka, S. King, GT-Mclaren, Fez – all of them stable pilots who have podiums in this season, it will be difficult enough but interesting. I am sure that for the four racing games we will see an interesting fight. Dean missed the first three races of the season but still is higher than I do, I do not think it will be easy.
Q.: In truth, Dean acts as a free pilot. But only on cars with Ferrari engines … He warned me beforehand that every GP will not be able to drive. But he drives without help, and the experience of participating in Serie A last season, helped him achieve high results. I’ll open the secret – Dean announced that he will hold his last race this season in Malaysia.
SUVORKIN: Sadly, I hope he changes his mind. The more experienced pilots in the peloton, the more interesting!
Q.: The next question: Only that the season of F1 2017 has ended. It was a seizing season, but with a bad ending. The last race was so boring that I did not finish it. Personally for you, the season as a whole is like?
SUVORKIN: Actually, I turned off the grand prix at Abu Dhabi after 3 laps. And included on the podium where they showed the new logo. In general, for me, all interest in the form of one is related to the success of my favorite pilot, Alonso. So this is the third season in a row, when I’m a little bored when I watch the race. I hope next season McLaren and Renault will create something more effective
Q.: Well, someone else will have to go to McLaren Honda in the game version of F1))))
SUVORKIN: Yes. Before the release of F1 2018
Q.: I will say, before the GP of Singapore (Maximum of Japan). The season reminded me of the good old battles of the mid-2000s. And where for the title fought 2 pilots. The race in Baku was a masterpiece, which we lacked. But after the ferrari personally, destroyed all the chances for the title, the season lost all meaning. And even after the change in F1, sometimes it will turn into shock. Question: Do not you think that F1 is going, a little in the wrong direction?
SUVORKIN: I agree that the first half of this season was intriguing. As for the development of F1, I believe that the new owners do not always understand what to do with this series now. This was evident from experiments like an interview on the track after the finish of the GP at Mexico. When the interview turned into an absurd expectation and a pandemonium around the Hamilton and the winners. The halo system makes me angry and the logo does not stand up to my criticism as a person with experience in creating logos. This is the option that should not have been approved by management.
Q.: And can you list all the pros and cons of the new management for this year?
SUVORKIN: Probably for the first year of leadership of conspicuous minuses I can not single out. The results of the change of leadership will be better seen in the future
Q.: Next question: who in this season shocked you and who disappointed? You can name the pilots as a real F1 and from our championship.
SUVORKIN: In our season I really liked the stable performances of Assasin, 5 wins in a row probably the record result for our championship. It is worth highlighting Duca Rosso for keeping the chances for the title and very well spends the second half of the season.
Disappointment for me – my results and what we do not see Est Cube
Q.: I do not know why the Estcube decided to leave our championship. He said that for personal reasons.
Q.: And from real F1?
SUVORKIN: In fact, this season I was impressed by the Carlos Sainz.
Q.: What did he impress you with?
SUVORKIN: Its results compared with the Russian racer. 4 points against 48 per toro rosso is a very impressive result. And in Renault, he is not inferior to Nico hulkenberg
Q.: You mentioned the estcube, do not forget that the championship left Axeleron and Maicon … Even during the Italian GP, ​​there was a rumor … That one of the former pilots of our championship is going to return. I will not say his name, I want to make a surprise. I want to know how you feel about this. And what do you expect in Abu Dhabi GP?
SUVORKIN: In any case, I’m happy if someone returns to the championship, this will make it only more interesting.
From the grand prix, I probably expect victory. I won here last season in the fight against Duca Rosso and I hope to be well prepared this time.
Q.: Ok. On this we finished. Thank you for the interview, we will wait for you in the Abu Dhabi.

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