Interviews with Seria A drivers.

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Smash (1 place)
In British GP – Smash has end his bad luck streak. He got first victory in season, for current champion it’s important victory, but i want listen his commentaries about that. Smash you happy that 2 nd half of season, starts from victory?
AOR Smash: Obviously, it’s the best thing to happen, i don’t think i can become champion as i’m losing too much points, it happened and that’s it. First half of the season was pretty much issue after issue but now i feel great and want to compete for race win at every race especially in two weeks in Italy as i will have birthday here.
–  I know man, that you have little chances to retain championship. I know that you retired in few races not in your fault, i want know this from moral point of view
AOR Smash: Obviously it’s frustrating, but there is still a chance, maybe little but anything can happen and i’m going to push flat-out to make it happen. That’s it i think.
–  What you can say about this season in our championship?
AOR Smash: Well, from my point of view, i feel like it was a up and down season, there was so many things happening, obviously i had my moments due to frustration as said before because of the amount of bad luck in first half of the season, but i’m really looking forward to season 7. With assits beign banned again in Seria A, i think we will have much more interesting season as it will make drivers work for the race win. But we are still in the half of the season and i’m hoping that half of the season will be really good.
– Ok I have question about your teammate Matto, can I quest this?
AOR Smash: Yes
–  He have bad season as i see. Many crashes, and conflicts with FIA how you commentating this?
AOR Smash: I have one word to say most likely and that is discipline. Obviously it’s his first season, but rules aren’t here for fun.
–  He uses assits?
AOR Smash: Yes
–  Do you know that i want make announcement of the end in year. Interesting? It’s be about Seria B
AOR Smash: No i didn’t know that, but that sounds interesting.
–  You’ll see soon, man.
AOR Smash: Haha, yeah, so no more questions or?
– Well I have one more question – about spa. Are you sure that you win in there?
AOR Smash: Obviously nobody knows that, but i feel really confident and i’m hoping to fight for win here as my race pace is really good around here.
–  Ok we will see in next race, thanks for interview.
AOR Smash: Thank you, it was pleasure.

BWOAH (2 Place)
BWOAH, congrantilions with second place man, but i saw what happend with you and tolbuzov in race. Unforthely you lost all chances victory in here. How you can tell about this?
BWOAH: Thanks, yes I was on supersoft tyres closing him and then tried to overtake him on the last corner but we collided. I don’t know how it really happened but in my conclusion it was a racing incident.
– Yeah, it was hard race to you both, and also you know new leader in championship. From first race in 2 nd place, until baku where you won, and know after this race you have 125 against 110 to Tolbuzov. You just like kimi.
BWOAH: I won in USA haha, but yea the start of the season was ok but then there was couple bad races and now im hoping to do better. I think Tolbuzov will really challenge me for the championship but i will do the best I can. Haha i don’t know if i’m just like kimi 😀
– Sorry, you right USA, my bad. But you finnish guy – you just like kimi calm. Can you tell about your season in RIOL. Because you it’s you debut season.
BWOAH: The season has been pretty good. It’s been fun to battle with all of the drivers. At the beginning Tolbuzov had very good races and was faster than me. Then both of us had very poor races with me scoring little points and he got DNFs. And now at Britain we had a battle which cost him more. So yea I’m looking forward for the rest of the season. I don’t know if I can win him but I’ll try.
–  What race for you in debut season was best for you?
BWOAH: The first races were decent but the best I think waas the win in USA because i dropped to like P8 at the start and i had some contact with other drivers so I had to get up from there and eventually won. So that was the best race for me.
–  Stende you not usual finnish guy – you not like kimi, you like valtteri.  Kimi he without humor, but have epic frases. Bottas – calm guy
BWOAH: Yea meaby im like valtteri 😀
–  About Valtteri – i remember was few collisons between these guys. How you feel about that?
BWOAH: It’s been a bit annoying as a finn when two finnish drivers collide but it’s part of racing and I hope it won’t happen in future but it’ll probaply will 😀
–  You fan kimi from his first GP?
BWOAH: No because i was a little kid back then but my parents were so whenb i was a bit older i started to support him
–  I though you 25 year old guy
BWOAH: well im not :P-  15?
BWOAH: 16 😀
– hehe oki doki. 2001 – was he’s debut year.
BWOAH: yep
–  I start watch F1 in 2006, and I remember he’s last season with mclaren and also he’s won in 2007. In Russia Kimi – Legend too, because in that time we not had any drivers in F1. And also i remember when he decide retire it was 2009, i though Kimi retire from F1 forever. But 2012 he’s back and won with words “Leave me alone, I know what i’m doing”.
BWOAH: Unfortunately there isnt any russian drivers after Kvyat dropped. But yea Kimi is a legend :D. I dont personally remember when I started to watch F1. But yea ”Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing” is a legendary quote 😀
–  Well in that case I have two more questions: 1. Well Kimi now 38, and his best years are long gone. Now he’s helper sebastian. I have maybe not good question – But you don’t think that Kimi must retire? 2. How you feel about russian drivers?
BWOAH: I don’t want him to retire because he’s my favourite driver but obviously hes not as competetive anymore and hes made to help Vettel. But I think he will retire soon meaby after next year and there will be new driver in ferrari. And i dont really know much about russian drivers but I think there should be russians in F1 because it makes more variety to the sport.
–  Well Kvyat for me was very worst russian driver in all time. His carrer over after his crash in Sochi. I have one more question how you feel about sebastian?
BWOAH: Well he is a good driver. I really dont have an opinion of him. I dont really like him but i dont also hate him. Hes a neutral to me.
–  In other side maybe you glad that, he’s not win title in this year?
BWOAH: maybe a little but I don’t also like hamilton very much so i would have preferred Kimi or Valtteri to win 😀
– Ok, what you wait from F1 2018 (Real)
BWOAH: Good results from finnish drivers and meaby even a championship victory. I hope for kimi to win races and also valtteri
– Ok, next race will be Spa. It’s your favorite tracks?
BWOAH: Yes, I like it very much. It’s fun to drive on. It has a very nice setting.
–  Besides the Spa, you have any favorite tracks?
BWOAH: I like Suzuka and Silverstone quite a bit so those + Spa are my favourites.
– Ok man, thanks for this huge interview)))))  It’s pleasure to talk with you.
BWOAH: Thank you 🙂
–  See you in belgium.

PotatoMonster (Swiezak)  (3 rd Place)
Kacper (PotatoMonster, Swiezak) congrantilions second podium in a row. I want say qualyfing ban in baku was make better, you stop crashing with others)) Race was hard?
Świeżak: Hi, siemanko, and thanks. Yeah ban for qualifying session in Baku was like cold shower for me. I started to be more careful, and i got two podiums in two races. I had good strategy and some luck for Silverstone. Race wasn’t hard for me
–  Yeah in Baku, you was in 2 nd place, now third place in Silverstone. But i heard that game with strict rules going little bit crazy?
Świeżak: Yeah, I got 2x stop and go penalty but I think it wasn’t right
–  I’m sorry but I can’t cancel this penalty, because game did this automatically. Do you saw any actions in race?
Świeżak: I saw accident with Tolbuzov, but I don’t know what was it. May be spin.
–  I saw what happend it was battle between tolbuzov and BWOAH, in start finish they collised, but continue race. And this help Smash won finally, after all bad lucks
Świeżak: I could win without penalties, maybe next time
–  No one know how will be next race – in Spa
Świeżak: I will try to win Belgium GP
–  It’s ambition announcement , about win.
Świeżak: I like Belgium and it will be a pleasure to go there
–  Ok, can you tell about F1 2017 – how game?
Świeżak: F1 2017 is better for me than F1 2016, but multiplayer could be better
–  How you can tell about real F1 2017? Before Singapore it was perfect season, isn’t?
Świeżak: This season is very good for vievers. We have two teams on this same level but Lewis had more luck in this season than Sebastian.
–  And + It’s sebastian fault that he’s lose title.
Świeżak: I am waiting for next season. I hope next season will be with Robert Kubica
–  Kubica become a cult of personality in Poland?
Świeżak: Robert is polish legend in F1 and we are waiting for his comeback
– He was a legend in Russia, too together with kimi.
Świeżak: 😀
–  Ok, I want say thank you. And I wish luck, and advice without collisons in spa))
Świeżak: Ok see you.

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