Azerbaijan GP. Seria B drivers interviews.

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Interview was writen in last sunday.
Just finished GP of Azerbaijan in the b series. And today, the unexpected winner of the race was the pilot of the Renault – GT-Mclaren. Unlike his partner, for which GP ended in failure. Today I decided to ask our new winner. What would you say?
GT-Mclaren (1 place)
GT-McLaren: uhm what to say……. I had a good start of the race with severals fights, it’s was nice
– Can you tell about fights, battles?
GT-McLaren: I had some little contact with other racers but nothing important. On my first run on super soft tyres, i had no speed on straight  which was a pain for overtaking but i managed that till my first pit stop. I rejoin the race with 3 racers battling for P2
– Yeah i saw that battle, just like in this year in real Baku)) Race of the year
GT-McLaren: I agree, it’s was one of the most intense race of the year.
– You had great battle with zeenic, fez, assasin, duca rosso and mr.ankka, i want say was incredible. But only because was not 16 drivers as usual.
GT-McLaren: Yes true, if we were more, i think it would have been interresting, still it’s was a great race, i battle Zeenic and my Team Fez on the  first laps until they crash,sadly. Then in the second part of the race after piting? I joing Duca Rosso Assasin and Mr ankka for P2, i had a different strategy and i knew i could pass them because they were on hard tyre for severals laps already, so i’ve been patient to take any opportunity. This fight ended in drama when Duca Rosso and Mr ankka spun together. After the overtake on Duca Rosso, he   touch my rear at the breaking zone and collapse with Mr Ankka i don’t really what happens here, but without that we could have an awesome fight till the end.
– Duca didn’t had any problems with tyres, was spun collison, and ankka accept that he’s make mistake.
GT-McLaren: I think Duca was suprised when i break and Ankka miss the breaking point aswell.
– For him was tragedy. Only i can say –  he have chances to win.
GT-McLaren: Yeah they both lost the podium here. And sure they had the pace to win the race too.
– What’s happend with duca, this decide in race. Yeah, they had chances won. And i’m sure – Fez have chances in podium.
GT-McLaren: Yeah he could, we had a similar pace, before he went to the pit he was faster than me for 2 laps so shame that his race finished up in the wall. We were 5 drivers with almost similar pace that could pretend for the win here.
– And he’s crashing and zeenic too, also Suvrokin wasn’t in race.
GT-McLaren: Also I’ve been lucky to keep the cars on the road. Yes Survorkin wasn’t here – he is a very fast driver and would have battling with us for sure.
– But assasin have 158 points now, Duca – 83 points now, and in third place in stadings – you with 49 points. You sure that you will be fight with assasin?
GT-McLaren: The season is just starting. i’ve missed some race too, we never know what can happens in the next races.
– first half ended, second start in next week.
GT-McLaren: Yes i hope for more races like this one.
– Next race will be silverstone, are you will be there?
GT-McLaren: Of course my friend, Silverstone is my favorite track i won’t miss this one for any reason , and i’ll aim the win aswell.
– Ok good to know. Thanks for interview man, if you have any to tell in interview, write me any time.
GT-McLaren: Ok i’ll let you know

Assassin (2 place)
– Mark, after what’s happend in singapore. You not won again, but you finish 2nd, tell about race please.
Assassin: Well starting P6 was a bit of a problem since i invalidated into turn 1 on my final run of the session for qualifying, so there was always going to be a lot of work to try and win the race from there. I had a bug with the default setup being applied to my car rather than my setup which i didnt notice until lap 5. Which compromised my race quite heavily along with breaking my front wing on lap one, so i had to drive the rest of the race on mediums to have any chance of winning the race at all. I probably would have finished 4th place if MrAnkka and Duca didnt have their crash.
– Yeah, Duca was really frustated about that.
Assassin: it looked a little clumsy but i only had a long range view of it going into turn 1.
– You had battle with couple guys, and broke wing.
Assassin: well i chipped front wing off into turn one made it yellow but i made it red by making mistake at end of sector 2, I blame that on the default setup since the car didnt react in the way i was expecting from practice.
– Codemasters brake second race in a row. Something going wrong isn’t?
Assassin: Well the issue from last race turns out is something that was an issue even in F1 2016. I think i have a clue as to what causes the setup bug – since that qualifying session is the only one this season i have retired from rather than completing, but i would have to recreate that scenario.
– Anyway you still leader in championship. Duca lose you 75 points, Winner of this race GT-Mclaren – 49 points. And next race Silverstone, what you plan in next week?
Assassin: well i plan to double check everything and win my home race.
– Ok, in genereally you like tonight race?
Assassin: I’m satisfied with the finish but i didnt really get to race anyone wheel to wheel because of the setup issue.
– Ok, i’ll be wait in silverstone. Thanks for interview.
Assassin: see you there.

Meanxx (3 rd place, after mr.ankka penalty)
During in this race Mr.Ankka collised with duca rosso, he got 10 seconds penalty. It’s means that in 0.5 sec gap, 3 rd place got Meanxx. For Austria Veteran it’s first podium in RIOL. And i need to days – austrians ride in podium 3 time in season, i never so that. Andy my congrantilions – first ever podium, how feels like?
Meanxx: well, i’m really happy with that. I thought that’s never going to happen. had a damage on my Frontwing for last 10 Laps and the last 2 Laps i was completely without a Front wing.
– I think Berger and Lauda prouds to you)))
Meanxx: HAHA☻ … Thanks but before that ever would happen, i have to be more often on a good place and that is very hard. need lots of luck for that.
– Andy, no one didn’t know how much you watched Formula 1. I know that RIOL is your first i think only championship, but subscribers wants know about other side meanxx)))
Meanxx: I like F1 since i was a little boy and still love it. Unfortunatly Austria don’t have a pilot right now to hold thumbs for, but i actually like Verstappen and the style he is driving. I think in an equal car like Hamilton have it would be really interesting. F1 Game itself i play since F1 2012 and i was really good in F1 2013. RIOL is my first ever Championship.
– From F1 2015. I see you master in city tracks.
Meanxx: Yeah i like those city tracks, a lot of shifting and braking but also very challenging because a little mistake and your race can be done. Always hard to go the first few laps without any accidents but if you are out of traffic it really makes fun.
– And baku tonight was a proof))) Ok andy, tell about race.
Meanxx: well my start was not one of the best but i could hold my position to first lap where it got really busy. i was on the inner side of the turn and there were a few collisions and hits including me but i think nothing serious. in lap 4 i think i hit the wall at a sharp left turn and had to pit. changed to soft and changed frontwing. came out on position 10 and i had a real good pace and go in front to 4 position. had to pit again because of early tyre change. the last i think 13 laps or so i fight with ankka for position and again i damaged my frontwing a little. In lap 23 ankka overtook my and i again hit the wall. last 2 laps i could manage to go without frontwing. So i was really lucky.
– Yeah, i remember was the Ups and downs of your career. Can you tell about best race before baku? And next question why you take toro rosso?
Meanxx: Well can’t really remember any good race i had because i didn’t have one before Baku.  Hmmm…. i think i can remember one race i think it was singapore in rain where i was good, must have been last year. I think this season i can do better then previous seasons. I mean not podium, maybe if i’m lucky, but i think i could be able to go positions around 4 -6 continously. have a new wheel Thrustmaster t300rs and that seems to make it better. Toro rosso i take becoause there was not so much choice anymore. And it’s austrian (Hint of Red bull and Franz Toast (Team Principal Toro Rosso).
– You used wheel?
Meanxx: Yes always, no helpings only line in corners.
– Ok, you heard about rumors for returning league without assits, maybe you’ll be think about drive there in next season?
Meanxx: Have to try without line, but possible have a bigger screen and a good pc now so i can max out graphics to see brake point better. Sure interesting.
– Ok, you will be in next week in silverstone?
Meanxx: Yes. Not one of my favorite, but i’m in.
– But what tracks to you favorite?
Meanxx: well sure baku since now, singapore, yas marina and italy
– Italy will be soon.
Meanxx: yeah have to practise. usually i am not so good on fast tracks but i like Italy
– Alright. Thanks for race and interview man. If you have questions, or you want tell something, you can write, when you want.
Meanxx: thank you, quite new for me to get interviewed!! See you.
N. Kolesov: bye man.

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