Interview with Fez.

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Good evening, gentelmens – drivers. Tonight RIOL, make it interview with newcomer of our Championship – the British pilot of Renault F1, Fez (Or can be called Danny). He is a contemporary career of Jenson Button which lasted 17 years)))). And now he’s coming with us in the championship for the Renault F1 Team. I have a question for Danny. Why the choice fell on the Renault?
fEZ.: Ha, it’s a funny question, I prefer the layout of the wheel/cockpit, the engine has a more mellow tone that I prefer to the other cars, and lastly it’s the Banana Power Yellow!
– Hahah, ok hard to believe that you born in Year of Debut Jenson Button.. For me his one of best driver from 2000’s
fEZ.: Yeah, Jenson’s definetely been the highlight of me watching Formula 1 and supporting a British driver over the years, obviously now we’ve got Hamilton running the flag..
– To be honest, sorry for being so stupid over the last Jenson’s GP in Monaco, but I know the McLaren had no other option.
fEZ.: Yeah, he had a good run though, 17 years of racing, won the Championship with McLaren, and now he’s an ambassador for them, so, he’s still involved in the sport..
– He won with Brawn GP, that Championship.
fEZ.: Yeah, sorry Brawn, and then he’s continued his involvement with McLaren..
– I see you force, more for British pilots. But now Britain have only Lewis Hamilton. Jolyon Palmer was fired from Renault, and took Sainz. As a fan I want to ask how you feel about it? And how you feel about Palmer, you think he’s good driver, but without luck?
fEZ.: Yeah, it’s just Lewis doing it for us at the moment..
As for Jolyon, he obviously has the talent.. Winning GP2 etc, but I think on the whole, he’s probably only an average F1 driver, but the Renault and the problems he’s had this season with luck etc, it’s not been a fair judgement for his F1 career..
– In futher, soon debut Lando Norris.
fEZ.: Definetely, he’s another one with huge talent, hopefully he can replicate what other British greats have done..
– Alright danny, which race F1 you watched first time?
fEZ.: I don’t really remember the first race that I watched, but my Dad always watched races with Senna, Prost, Mansell etc.. Obviously the races I remember is people like Schumacher, Hakkinen etc..
– Ok. Understood. One more question. How long you play in F1. And our championship first ever, where you competed?
fEZ.: Funnily enough, I got into racing F1 on the PC last year, mid way through the 2016 game being out. I played the career mode, and time trial on my own.. And then I started watching hotlap videos etc, and it lead on to me racing Duca Rosso who said come along and race in RIOL, and here I am! This will be my first competitive championship on any F1 game/platform..
– You had only 3 races, 2 races – you missed for personal reasons. You had, what are some impressions from the debut season?
fEZ.: The pace is alot faster than I thought it would be, there’s alot of good, fast racers in the championship! It’s a good learning experience for me though, hopefully as the season progresses, and I get more practice in, I can close the gap on the top guys a little more..
– Yeah, British era comes with Assasin))
fEZ.: Yeah, he’s super fast, and it makes it look sooo easy…
– But i remember was big mistake to you in Canada.
fEZ.: Haha, yeah, bit too much throttle in the last flip flop, cost me an extra pit stop, plus a lap of a fully damaged wing.. But that’s the risk of playing with no assists, sometimes that little mistake is all it takes..
– And you have very what is the purpose of this season? Or just learn to climb the podium?
fEZ.: I think I’d be lucky to make it on the podium this year, unless there’s an unfortunate incident in front of me, but you can never say never, haha. I’d just like to continue the racing, learn more, learn some more race craft, and continue trying to go faster and faster..
– Alright, which track for you favourite?
fEZ.: Ah, Silverstone for obvious reasons, but I’m a wheel user, and Suzuka is also a lovely track to drive..
– Oh, not good answer – Because next race is Singapore..
fEZ.: Yeah, I’ve been practising the track already.. And it’s horrible, probably the hardest track to be consistent on..
– And Baku too. Anyway, Danny this will not be easy.
fEZ.: True…
– Ok, man. I’m not have questions. Thanks for interview. Still want to do a few interviews, I’ll be happy. Good night man
fEZ.: No problems! Thankyou.

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We will see how much pace i have when i make the switch to no assists, but yeah good to see another British driver about 😀


I will no pace at all XD. Canada was with middle TC and the race finished in the wall. And it even was not wall of the champions lol