Canadian GP. Seria B. Interviews.

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– We start Interviews after Candian GP, was another impressive victory for Red Bull. But in race happy many overtakes, and suprises. One of these surprises was Andrey Suvorkin accedent, though he had all the chances to win the race. There was also a bad start for Duca Rosso and Axeleron. But these problem using assassin and won race, but i have question. You don’t think that vicotry was lucky?

(1 place – Assasin)
Assassin: Well we was certainly robbed of a decent battle with Suvorkin having having that accident but i was certainly showing really good pace early on and looking after the tyres well, certainly though i dont feel this was a lucky victory as you will see in the video i ruined my pole position lap by invalidating in the final corner.
– And also was 1 lap accedents: Duca, Brutzz, Dean.
Assassin: I only had a clear view of the Duca incident with Baligan which got pretty scary as to what to do in turn 2, so i gave up some track position briefly to avoid breaking the car.
– Yeah was scary moment, i thought that they both ended in race, but i didn’t waited that Suvorkin ended race, after his leading…
Assassin: Certainly although he didnt finish the race he should at least be happy he is back on the pace, he has been making progress in the right direction since the start of the season.
– Maybe in USA, he’s finally win, by way USA GP will be same weekend with real races in F1.
Assassin: well we will have to wait and see as to who wins next weekends race by then i hope to have mastered the changes that have been made to traction control medium in the update patch earlier this week.
– Yeah, I think We should start next race in seria B in old time… But, it’s be in next GP…..You heard news about real F1?
Assassin: i havent seen anything since last race.
– Brandon Hratley debut in F1, 9 years fight for F1. Dream is become true…
Assassin: Well its relevant if he is driving at the US grand prix, will be interesting to see how he does and if Mercedes will wrap up both drivers and constructors championships
– True. I have last question, and about championship. You have 100 points, axeleron and duca rosso gap – 60 points, Are you try kill fight for championship in current season)))))
Assassin: well at this point i might as well try and emulate my idol and try and win the championship as soon as possible.
– Well we need wait USA, maybe duca, axeleron or suvorkin won race)
Assassin: We will see as always i will put in my normal amount of hard work in time trial and practice races so i wont give it up without a fight.
– Ok, Thanks for interview
Assassin: No problem see you next week.

(2 place – Baligan)
– We continue interviews after race, and after intensive race Gaston Baligan. Become 2 nd, but he’s won a Pole. Must say was impressive. Gaston can you tell about race?
Baligan.G: was a good classification, a very entertaining race, I had a mistake with the strategy which led me to make two stops, in which the first was very early, forcing me to cross traffic, but beyond everything was a good second place.
– Can you tell about mistake in stradegy?
Baligan.G: wear unnecessarily too much tires in the classification, so start the race with a 20% wear, change the strategy to change to super-soft, but when the game asked me if I wanted to change strategy. I said yes and automatically returned to ultra-soft without I realized, therefore I had to stop again to finally put the super soft ones.
– Ok, there’s was incedents in race?
Baligan.G: al comienzo del turno 1, tengo un mal comienzo, no recuerdo quién estaba adentro y el otro afuera, no me da espacio y hay un pequeño contacto (In spanish)
– I saw hard battle with Duca Rosso, Yeah i understand even in spanish
Baligan.G: Hahaha sorry, at the beginning of turn 1, I have a bad start, I do not remember who I was inside and the other outside, it does not give me space and there is a small contact.
– We should next time make interview in spanish launague, AHAHHA
Baligan.G: Yes, with Duca Rosso.
– Yeah, this was scary moment of the race. But you finished in podium, duca finished -5. After that nothing happend with you in race?
Baligan.G: no, after that I do not remember having any inconvenience.
– Ok, next race will be USA, You will be here?
Baligan.G: I’d love to, but I can’t confirm it.
– Understood, Ok, i’m not having questions. We talk more in next time Thanks for coming. Adios
Baligan.G: thanks to you, have a good day (or at least in Argentina it is day). see you

(3 Place – Dean)
– Dean, you are glad as it took the Grand Prix of Canada for you?
Dean: Hello. Yes, of course I’m very happy with the podium finish. I didn’t expect that to be honest. This was my first race in Seria B of the RIOL, so I didn’t know most of the other drivers. I was surprised when I qualified in 5th position. My start was good but I had to be careful because in front of me there was some action. I lost much time and dropped to P8. My plan was a one-stop strategy so I looked after my tyres. The tyre management went really well. After my only stop I was in 3rd position. After a Toro Rosso overtook me I tried to overtake the Haas in front of me but failed to do so. I was lucky that he had a time penalty and therefore to finish in 3rd place.
– But it’s not first race in RIOL. Last Season you drive in Seria A, but was maybe little unsecessful. But 2 podiums – and 9 place in championship.
Dean: Yes, I was driving in Seria A. I had bad luck in most of the races. But, I looked from race to race. So, I was happy with the two podium finishes. I never had a chance for the title, so the 9th place in the final standings doesn’t interest me much.
– But in Seria B you got a good chance, race was nervouse and interesting. Did you saw any accedents?
Dean: Yes. after turn 1 someone collided with a Ferrari. This was the reason why I dropped to 8th place because I tried to avoid them. Later in the race before my only pitstop a Mercedes collided with the same Ferrari. And again I lost much time because I had to go from the throttle. The main point is that my car didn’t take damage and I was able to do my planned strategy. The 3rd place was the maximum today.
– Ok, after this race you not regret that you return in our championship?
Dean: No, I don’t regret it.
– OK, Do you have questions to me?
Dean: No, but some information. I cannot race next Sunday. So, you see me next time in Singapore.
– Ah, ok. But in next race kibork will return… I think we a little deviate from the topic of our online races. I have a question do you watch DTM? I heard that Lucas Auer loss tonight championship.
Dean: I don’t watch it but I heard that another guy than Lucas won the championship. Maybe he will win the championship in 2018. I wish him the best.
– In austria, you forced just like Germany only for Schumaher?
Dean: I’m a fan of Michael since two decades, but this has nothing to do that I’m austrian.
– But austrians have a good drivers history: Jochen Rindt, Niki Lauda, Gerhard Berger, Alex Wurz – Last 2 of course wasn’t champions of F1. But they was popular.
Dean: I watch F1 since 1997. I believe that I saw Bergers last win with Benetton. When Wurz were driving for Williams back in 2007 I was cheering for him.
– You right
Dean: unfortunately he only managed a podium. the rest of the season he was not really good. The car wasn’t great, but his teammate Rosberg did much better.
– Yeah i remember 2007. Alex score 3 rd and last podium in Canada too. In that race in 2007, just like yesterday, Kubica crashed, Hamilton won. Alex Wurz score podium after 10 years since debut, and for me was suprise that Wurz decided quit from F1 before last race, but in other side, he winning races in Le mans. So for him – was a good racing career.
Dean: Yes, you are right.
– But 2017 it’s not like 2007… We have another faces and rivals. But after singapore, championship race is over, don’t you think?
Dean: yes, the Singapore crash was the title decider. Instead of 75 points Vettel achieved 12 in the last three races 🙁 …. A big shame but this is motorsport.
– But we must give proper tribute to Sebastian, he kept the championship intrigue for a long time as he could.
Dean: Exactly. This was one of his best years.
– I have question about Canada, it’s easy track for austrians, you know it? Wurz in 2007 got 3 rd place in willams. in F1 2017 you 3 rd place in sauber? Fact is it? It’s funny question…)
Dean: yes, looks like Canada is a good track for Austrians 🙂
Ok, you told me that you will not be in USA, but will be in Singapore. You not afraid that track, it’s second “Monaco”.
Dean: No, I like Singapore. I enjoy this track more than Monaco and Baku. I take any team which is free. But, I prefer a Ferrari powered car 🙂 So, Sauber, Haas and Ferrari. But yeah, I take any team which has a free spot. I have to go now. Bye
–  Ok thanks for interview, Dean.
Dean: you’re welcome.

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