Interview with Assassin – Big Fan of Michael Schumaher.

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Hi everyone, once again i start interview with Assasin. But i have questions, not only about our championship. I want ask few thing to assasin, which you guys, didn’t know that. But we start interview about RIOL championship. Well Mark, 2 races = 2 victories…. You leader in seria B, for you F1 2017 – easy thing?
Assassin: There is no easy win in league racing weather its amateur level all the way through to pro, anyone who has seen my footage will tell you, that was tough going.
– I’d like to ask you. How long have you been watching formula 1?
Assassin: I have been watching Formula One since 1994, watched a few races after the death of Ayrton Senna but properly watched from 1995 onwards.
– Are you remember your first ever race you watched?
Assassin: not too well unfortunately was some 23 years ago at this point, i just remember the rise of Michael Schumacher i tend to remember his best drives more than anything especially wet weather driving. Specifically the Belgian Grand Prix of 95 starting way back in the field to win the race, braving wet weather on dry tyres.
– Since that moment you was forced for Schumaher?
Assassin: even at the start of the season he just had this special something about him at the time that just made me want to support him.
– Ok, but why you not forced for british drivers: like coulthard, Button, Irvine, and many other drivers from UK?
Assassin: Well alot of those drivers for me didnt for me have the talent of the racing driver i idolised
– Even lewis hamilton?
Assassin: Well Hamilton is a different story alot later than Schumacher on the racing scene, i had to follow someone after Schumachers eventual retirement, you could see from his first appearance in F1 that he has the something special to be a great success in F1, he kinda evoked the same feelings as when i first watched Schumacher.
–  You right, man… Michael – a great driver… in 2006, 2010-2012 – i saw that, but Michael career’s in mercedes wasn’t more sucessfull.
Assassin: maybe not but he left Lewis one hell of a car.
– Ok….. I’m sorry for next question but you remember 29 december 2013?
Assassin: Well that would be Michaels Skiing accident.
–  In that day i had exams, and i wanted passed him and meet new year. I passed the exam and returned home after dinner, and the first one when I heard the news about Michael, I thought it was a joke. But only in the evening, new information came – it was terrible. Plus, on that day there was a terrorist attack in Volgograd. So, when you learn about skiing accedent news?

Assassin: I rarely watch the news but since my Aunt knows im a big Schumacher fan she informed me much like his retirement first time round i couldnt quite believe it.
–  You didn’t watched Italian GP 2006? When michael announce retirment first time?
Assassin: im unable to remember that one
– ok… You still believing that michael returns? Not like F1 driver as a person
Assassin: Personally i believe he is long gone those types of injuries – would have to be nothing short of a miracle…..
– I understand, man… Ok next question, about your online career. I remember that i meet you first time, you was incognito, before we meet, are you drives in some championships before RIOL?
Assassin: RIOL was my first championships to compete in – by accident if i remember correctly since i saw Iceman join the session i tagged along and one thing led to another. Was round 2 season 5 Mexican GP was something like p5 or 6 that day.
– You was P6… And from this moment you started more serious about online racing.
Assassin: right after the race i ordered a racing rig to compete with – suddenly inspired to go all out to be as good as i can be.
– You have good statictics: 2 wins, 7 podiums, 3 poles positions. It is not means, that you will be fight for seria B championship?
Assassin: I believe i have what it takes to win it – i will just have to give it my all one race at a time.
– Ok, man. Are you watched news in RIOL, i mean for example – seria A, where’s Red Bull driver too leading in championship. I talk about Dmitry Tolbuzov. You know about seria A fight? I have noticed a missing driver of significance in Rosboos but certainly Tolbuzov has great pace.
– Rosboos returns in Australian GP.
Assassin: thats good news should be interesting to see who comes out on top.
–  Next question – how you feel about your rivals: Duca Rosso, Suvorkin, and others. And one more question: Is mclaren have a bad car in F1 2017?
Assassin: Duca: is a good driver decent pace really good consistency – but i do believe he lost some of his edge by not racing much after winning season 5.
Suvorkin: was another good driver in 2016 game ran a good close 2nd to Duca in season 5 – he struggles really badly with how the new cars work setup wise which is why his pace is quite a ways off and looks as if he driving like its a 2016 car but i expect he will get up to speed soon and be battling towards the front, where we expect him to be.
Axeleron: is probably the suprise package shown already he is capable of strong drives in the new 2017 cars.
A driver im keeping an eye on though is Rasenson sure he has finished 6th twice in a row but i believe he is not running any assists at all.
– Ok, so there’s a chance that some of those pilots will impose a fight on you?
Assassin: As Murray Walker would say anything can happen in Formula One and it usually does, the Mclaren car looks great in the game but in career mode it is nearly as bad as the Sauber.
– Game physics, and whether this is so, we will find out only this Sunday in Australia.
Assassin: Indeed but as i usually do will prepare for all race conditions.
– Alright. Final question – Are you live as true british guy: watched footbal, drinking beer, support brexit?
Assassin: Definitely watch football (Manchester United supporter), I will only drink on the right occasions, Brexit i am a fence sitter on that one as both sides had good merit.
– Hahah, ok understood. Alright, i think we finished today – we see you in Australia.
Assassin: Will do

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