Interview with D. Tolbuzov – Winner of Brazilian GP (Seria A)

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Hello. Last saturday started the 6th season of our championship in RIOL. In pre-season some pilots from the seria B was moved to the seria A. I would like to say a few words about the race. The race was rainy, but at the end of the GP, the track began to dry out, it did not stop Dmitry Tolbuzov from winning. You can say that yesterday he was almost the only favorite, in the absence. Why so Serouise, Smash, Flyingsain …. Well, let’s go on to the interview, the first question will be trite, tell us how things were in the Grand prix.
D. Tolbuzov: The Grand prix turned out to be quite complicated. In the rain it was necessary to be neat enough in some corners. I decided to go with 1 pitstopom and at the end of 1 segment was difficult on the worn out mode. For 6 laps before the finish line the drill dropped drastically and I decided it was time to move on slicks. But with the departure from the pitline, I had excessive oversteer and I broke the front fender. At that moment, I thought that I lost this race, but I was able to keep the lead and win
– Did you have any problems in qualifying?
D. Tolbuzov: Yes, in the qualification on my second attempt I was interrupted by traffic, at that moment I was traveling with a serious improvement, but one pilot just took me out of the trajectory and turned me around, otherwise everything was in order, I won the pole.
– True, you did not show fastest lap.
D. Tolbuzov: Why? My time and was the fastest at least so showed the game
– But the fastest lap in the race showed BWOAH – 1.17.182
D. Tolbuzov: Oh, yes, I thought you meant qualifications. Yes, in the race, I could not show a fast lap, because as I said on the slicks from the departure from the pitlane broke the front wing and it was hard for me on a drying upstrass to show that something outstanding
– And in the race, were there some moments? What did you saw?
D. Tolbuzov: No, I went ahead and I missed all the interesting moments))) I saw only their results)
– Well, all right. But in general, how was the off-season?
D. Tolbuzov: Yes, to be honest, I rested, but a week before the start of the championship, I seriously prepared a grandiose GP Brazil, which brought me victory.
– Well, considering that there were not some favorites of the championship, well, + Kir-zzy had an accident in the very beginning, and a bad race was in the innersight, your victory in some way – a surprise.
D. Tolbuzov: Well, then I’m waiting for all the “favorites” in the next race)
– By the way, what can you say about the new pilots of the championship?
D. Tolbuzov: It’s hard to say anything yet. There was only one race and, to put it mildly, I did not fight with them. Maybe when they roll in, then I can say something
–  What do you expect from the current season?
D. Tolbuzov: I want to win it. If possible, I will try to prepare for each GP
– Well, let’s see how things turn out – especially 13 races left, and the championship will end on December 23.
– Well, thank you for a short interview. We are waiting for you on the trail. week in Bahrain.
D. Tolbuzov: Thank you, I’ll see you again

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